Cannabis News of the Day

An Anti-Cannabis organization compares legalization to Orlando shooting. Nevadan legal cannabis sales would shift proceeds from criminals to the state. If Minnesota’s cannabis is legal, fewer restrictions will be required. British Columbia craft cannabis growers fight for legalization.

The Value of Community in the Legalization Movement argues for the freedom of imprisoned smugglers, growers, and dealers. The NDP urges Liberals to decriminalize pot before legalizing it. Despite easier access with new legislation, cannabis is not likely to end up harming kids.

One thought on “Cannabis News of the Day”

  1. This is all well and good… but I hope someone over there is going to do the math on the California proposition, because I still don't know what I think of it and I don't really know anyone I can ask, about the six plants, yadda yadda. The prop (or initiative?) seems pro-corporate to me and I don't see why I should be in favor of that. And the sellers are so rich, it will be easy for them to try again.

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