Cannabis News of the Day

A bid to block legalization from appearing on the November ballot was discussed in Massachusetts’s highest court. Bill Weld supports marijuana legalization in Massachusetts. Michigan marijuana petitioners fall short as the 180-day policy is now law. The horizon for Californian employers is uncertain with the new AUMA initiative. 

Marijuana arrests on the rise in NYC despite mayor’s lenient 25-gram rule. A Doctor and a patient fight against Washington’s cannabis law. A Floridian law firm opens a Colorado office focused on marijuana industry. Marijuana legalization may be hurting Colorado’s poor. Cannabis in New Jersey should be decriminalized, but not legalized – yet.

Cannabis business bans could hurt Oregon counties. Anti-marijuana efforts surge in Alaska. Here’s how black market THC products affects legalization. A Quinnipiac poll shows a slim majority for national legalization. Canadian cops get more roadside power to deal with stoned drivers. In countries where weed is legal, this is the hellscape they’ve become.