Cannabis News of the Day

A pro-cannabis group in Arizona halts its 2016 legalization effort. The Massachusetts retailers association comes out against pot legalization. Michigan may not legalize cannabis due a signature deadline. A group intensifies its effort to defeat marijuana legalization in Maine.

As cannabis grows in Oregon, so do investors. Cannabis edibles were legalized in Oregon on Thursday. Bernie Sanders is campaigning on a legalization platform in California. A Ventura police chief becomes face of opposition to Californian legalization of recreational cannabis. The Public Policy Institute Of California finds 60% support for legalization.

Employers can still fire you if you smoke in Colorado. The University of Washington will host a conference on June 14. The US Federal Reserve shared that retail storefront demand picks up in legal states. SAM announced a $300k war-chest to stop legalization. The cannabis movement may be overextended with the false promise of tax revenue. A Los Angeles man got high and killed his wife. A lawsuit claims edible marijuana is to blame.

Drug testing companies are working to block legalization in the US. Legalized cannabis may lead to more underage use. British Columbia may harvest revenue from cannabis. Trudeau has caused parliamentary chaos around cannabis legalization. A former cabinet minister of the Canadian government will head a legalization panel. A new law from the U.N. allows for international legalization.


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  1. "A new law from the U.N. allows for international legalization." The link does not confirm the assertion. It's to an article by two Dutch legal scholars claiming that since international human rights conventions trump other treaties, legalization policies founded on human rights can ignore facial conflict with the UN drug conventions.

    The line makes me queasy. Human rights are very general principles. Once you stop treating them as backstops to ordinary laws and use them as justifications for policy, you can find a rights-based argument to annul any law or treaty. Drug liberalizers should campaign to revise the drug conventions to allow sensible national policies, not gut them with clever interpretations.

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