Cannabis News of the Day

Hypocrisy reigns in Arizona as the opposition to cannabis legalization accepts big donations from the alcohol industry. Cannabis legalization is expected to decrease alcohol consumption; therefore, “pot prohibitionists” are supported by the Arizona Wine and Spirits Wholesale Association.

This is pertinent news for California where cannabis consumption is expected to increase as cannabis culture grows. These growths are encouraged as the new legalization campaign learns from past failure. Their new effort reaches out to minority demographics, educates church leaders, and protects young people.

Colorado police are using Craigslist to look for cannabis transactions. While illegal to sell cannabis without a license it is hard for people outside of the industry to know where the law applies. Police are asking lawmakers to stop changing cannabis laws. Consequently, new legalization allows small communities to see cannabis’s benefits as well as its costs.

Cannabis legalization still contentious in Oregon counties while a new poll in Maine shows 55% support for legalization. These results are a few of many difficulties facing the new cannabis industry.

News from Canada shows opposition parties calling for a debate on legalizing cannabis. Despite this promising news speculation must wait as nothing has been discussed formally. Prime Minister Trudeau’s hypocritical statements and require an explanation of cannabis law.