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Violent crime is again blamed on cannabis: Like many other cities across the country, Anchorage experienced a spike in violent crimes. Is there a connection to cannabis legalization in Alaska?

No couch potatoes in the Bay Area: Cannabis delivery services are not welcome in San Francisco, at least not as far as the legal system is concerned. At least there aren’t as many people using the postal service to move their products.

As the state house of representative considers an historic bill, Vermont’s governor wants his state to take a smarter approach to cannabis legalization. Next door, state policy makers aren’t so positive: More officials speak out against legalization in Massachusetts.

Legal pot means big money for the Oregon state budget. But how will that money be spent on public health?

The Supreme Court tosses out Oklahoma and Nebraska’s suit against the Colorado cannabis industry. Here’s what that means… And despite what’s been said (here) previously, the cannabis industry may have reasons to be optimistic about the president’s new SCOTUS pick.

Finally some pressure on the feds: GAO says congress “must act.”

But will the next president act first? Rolling Stone tells us that all of the presidential candidates support cannabis legalization…with some catches.

More estimates of just how large the legal cannabis market could become in the short term jive with earlier stats: $23 billion in 4 years. And it looks like, by that time, Washington will be leading the pack.

Is the green boom color biased? Here’s how white America is dominating the burgeoning industry. So are African Americans better off with cannabis reform?

The Ohio Attorney General has said that another cannabis legalization proposal in that state isn’t up to muster, citing issues with language and licensing requirements.

Fed up with the Liberal government, a petition in Canada for full legalization is gathering momentum. Here’s what some people think legalization could look like in Canada.

There seem to be plenty of pros and cons to legalization in California, but here is what Gavin Newsom has to say about a smarter approach to California laws. And, as a refresher, these are the key players in the debate in that state.

And….the trouble with Uruguay

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5 thoughts on “Cannabis News of the Day”

  1. So… does anyone know why the adult use version in California wants such a strict limit on how much people can grow at home?

    Also, apologies if this is dumb… but why are the arrest rates still so different for black and white pot users, as discussed in the other post? It seems like it would be important to understand that before picking which of the measures to support.

    1. FWIW, arrest rates have been similarly disproportionate in places where marijuana is still fully criminalized, so likely the place to look is policing priorities.

      1. I'm not at all saying you're wrong… only, I wonder if it is something to do with a situational or resource difference, more like say the arrest rate differences between a prostitute on a street corner v one using a pager. (We don't have to "go there," that was just the comparison that came to mind.) I really wouldn't know, I am not very street, which I am not trying to brag about, it is just more or less true. I sometimes wish I knew more… and other times I'm glad I don't. Can we all just get along?… ; ) And this is not me commenting on you, just me thinking out loud. Bad habit.

        1. Can we all just get along?… ; )

          Perhaps we could if government was more inclined to just leave us alone…

  2. Oh… btw… isn't a lot of the violence going to come from the huge piles of cash that result given that these folks still aren't allowed to bank?

    Or, do they use bitcoin now? Again, I wouldn't know. But piles of cash are always going to attract bad energy.

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