Can you say “federalism”?
    I was sure that you could!

No, Carl Levin isn’t responsible for prisons in Michigan.
And if he were, so what?

Someone should tell Glenn Reynolds and his morally-challenged playmates at NRO and TCS that Members of Congress don’t actually rule the states they represent, and can’t therefore reasonably be held responsible for prison conditions there.

Actually, someone did tell Rich Lowry that, but Lowry didn’t bother to retract his silly suggestion just because its factual basis turned out to be unsound, and Reynolds didn’t bother to link to the update.

This stuff really shows the desperation of Rumsfeld’s defenders. Even if they could show that some of the people attacking Rumsfeld for enabling torture in Iraq didn’t have clean hands, how would that change the facts about Rumsfeld?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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