Can prosecutors squeeze Ralston to get to Rove?

If Susan Ralston (then working for Jack Abramoff) helped Tom DeLay prepare false statements about a junket he took at Abramoff’s expense, she may be in serious legal trouble. One way to get out of such trouble is to turn in a bigger fish. Ralston now works for Karl Rove.

The AP reports that Susan Ralston, then working for Jack Abramoff, helped Tom DeLay prepare false statements to be submitted to the House Ethics Committee. Ralston now works for Karl Rove.

The AP story focuses on how bad this is for DeLay, who reported that one of his overseas junkets had been paid for by a front group although his office clearly knew that Abramoff had paid for it. (House members are forbidden to have their travel paid for by lobbyists.)

But the more important story may be how bad this is for Ralston, and indirectly for Rove. If Ralston knowingly conspired with DeLay’s staff to create false statements, she committed a felony. The prospect of prison time might refresh her memory about various misdeeds by her current boss, either around corruption and political fund-raising or around the Valerie Plame affair.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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3 thoughts on “Can prosecutors squeeze Ralston to get to Rove?”

  1. Well, on the bright side, the GOP is now so full of crooks that we might be able to use some of the crooks for leverage against some of the other crooks…

  2. I'm guessing Fitzgerald's had this all wrapped up months ago, including anything and everything Susan Ralston may have to contribute to her boss(es) frog marching. Risking jail to help this dissolving-before-our-very-eyes presidency makes no sense at all.
    This scares the shit out of 'em: Talk now/talk later.

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