Calling Maureen Dowd — McCain Shrink Needed

It would take all of Maureen Dowd’s literary powers to do describe McCain’s internal monologue around ambition and honesty now in relation to his 2000 campaign — or was that just his co-author, Mark Salter?

So it turns out that John McCain’s accusations to the VFW and before that Obama was placing ambition to be president ahead of honesty and country may have been a case of psychological projection.

McCain said that in 2000 he had been led astray by an ambition to be president, an ambition that he had had for a long time.

Reflecting on his statement on the confederate flag in the South Carolina primary, McCain (or at least his ghostwriter) wrote further,

I had not just been dishonest. I had been a coward, and I had severed my own interests from my country’s. That was what made the lie unforgivable. All my heroes, fictional and real, would have been ashamed of me.

So now in 2008 McCain is being serially dishonest, and his campaign is being industrially dishonest, having hired a Karl Rove disciple to run his campaign.

Having said Obama puts personal ambition of country, he now denies that he questioned Obama’s patriotism. As Mark points out, he has repeatedly bowed down to those he previously called the agents of intolerance.

Does John McCain think all his heroes are now even more ashamed of him? Does he think he is being a coward? Or does he think that Barack Obama would be so disastrous as President that the ends justify all means?

Or was this particular piece of moral reflection never part of McCain’s psyche but just an invention of his co-author, Mark Salter?

This would be a good line of questioning to add to Mark’s list of questions for reporters to ask McCain.

Oh, I forgot, reporters aren’t being given access to him anymore.

So Maureen Dowd will have to make up the dialogue in her column.