Bush as Gore

Yes, those facial expressions were noticed.

I was wondering whether anyone would pick up on Bush’s constant grimacing during the debate. It seemed pretty egregious to me, but then Reagan’s senior moment in his last debate with Mondale seemed pretty egregious, too, and as far as I can tell it was never mentioned in the press. I didn’t see much mention of it last night.

Today, however, is different. Here’s CNN’s Morning Grind:

Kerry won

By John Mercurio

CNN Political Unit

CORAL GABLES, Florida (CNN) — If there’s one thing President Bush should know to avoid in debates, it’s the audible sigh. And the eye-rolling. Yet there he was last night, doing his best Al Gore, as most TV networks ran those forbidden cutaway shots that hurt him as much as John Kerry did.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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