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I am at UC Berkeley and had expected to see RBC readers but nobody recognized me at Caffe Strada.   This is “Energy Camp” week at the UC Energy Institute so 30 faculty and students have gathered to talk about energy economics.  This is exciting stuff.   Now that I’ve retired from active research, I’ve devoting all of my time to writing these witty blog posts and book blurbs.   Gernot Wagner’s new book   will be a hit.     Here is the blurb;  

“This splendid book showcases why environmental economics is such an exciting field today. Who knew that an economist not named Krugman could write so well? I will buy my mom a copy.” —Matthew E. Kahn, author of Climatopolis: How Our Cities Will Thrive in Our Hotter Future


Author: Matthew E. Kahn

Professor of Economics at UCLA.

3 thoughts on “Book Blurbs”

  1. Matt, the Cafe Strada (formerly a Lum’s hotdogs boiled in beer place) is one of the great rendesvous of the world and I look forward to seeing you there in a couple of weeks when I am in Berkeley.

    How will I recognize you and other RBC folks? Is there a special hat or button or is there a secret sign I should flash?

    Looking forward to future futher witty blog posts–hopefully directly from the Strada.

  2. I was right there last week. I would have hung around and waited if I had only known. But then I would have had to ship an even heavier box from Moe’s.

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