Bob Novak sticks the shiv in

Bob Novak kicks George W. Bush: futher evidence that Bush is down, and not likely to get up.

The Prince of Darkness is Not Pleased with the way the Beloved Leader fired Rumsfeld. Well, in all conscience it was rotten enough. Rumsfeld deserved better of Bush, though not of the country. (Novak thinks it was wrong of Bush to keep Rumsfeld in the dark; if he thinks it was wrong to lie to the country, he doesn’t say so.)

As Novak points out, though, this particular rotten aspect of GWB’s rotten character isn’t exactly news; he’s done the same thing before.

So what’s changed? Why, GWB is wounded, that’s what. Novak never kicks anyone who isn’t down already. Put it down as one more sign that The Good Ship Bush is foundering: even the rats are deserting.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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2 thoughts on “Bob Novak sticks the shiv in”

  1. As a friend of mine points out, there's one statement in Novak's article that is beyond dispute: "Rumsfeld's friend and comrade, Vice President Cheney, is reported to be profoundly disturbed."
    I see you're getting as much unhealthy schadenfreude as I am out of seeing these creatures finally being politically destroyed — even though their destruction really does very little at this point to get us out of the pickle they've landed us in. It may be better to light one candle than to curse the darkness; but when you're completely out of candles, cursing the darkness can be pretty entertaining in itself.

  2. In a more fair and rational world, Rummy would be headed for The Hague and a court date at the ICC, for God's sake. Spare me any business about Junior's lack of morality, or whatever…Rummy's past actions surely qualify as war crimes, full stop. And where Junior fits into the greater scheme of things, maybe 50yrs from now a FOI filing may break out some "smoking guns", but I doubt it.

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