Excerpt from Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog on “Parys Launcecrona” .

.. and rampant Pictism all at once.

Geoffrey Chaucer intervieweth “yonge, riche, sexie” Parys Launcecrona:

GC: Do ye rede of blogges?

PL: Y do nat wante to get too close or Y mighte falle in.

GC: Whate saye ye?

PL: Y do not wante to falle in the blogge. Also, blogges smelle nastie. And ful oft ther ys sum Pict at the bottom of the blogge who is all lyk mummifiede.

(Mummy link added)

PS: Better a mummified Pict than a rabid lamb. Brooks’ biology is as shaky as his sense of style. Why didn’t he insult us liberal bloggers more competently with a comparison to the highly social vampire bats, which suck blood and transmit rabies but navigate the night with unnerring precision and look after unrelated offspring?

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