Black Friday catblogging: mutant edition

Catblogging: Demitasse cries out for high-tech protective gear

Expert on comics that he is, all Demitasse wants for Christmas is one of those visors, like the one Cyclops wears, that would prevent him from injuring people by accident when he exerts his powers…


Cat with laser eye

Author: Andrew Sabl

Andrew Sabl, a political theorist, is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto. He is the author of Ruling Passions: Political Offices and Democratic Ethics and Hume’s Politics: Coordination and Crisis in the History of England, both from Princeton University Press. His research interests include political ethics, liberal and democratic theory, toleration, the work of David Hume, and the realist school of contemporary political thought. He is currently finishing a book for Harvard University Press titled The Uses of Hypocrisy: An Essay on Toleration. He divides his time between Toronto and Brooklyn.

20 thoughts on “Black Friday catblogging: mutant edition”

  1. I’m with Demitasse…think I’ll stay home, safe away from the Black Friday melees. A cat could get hurt…and even might have to deploy his mystical powers in self-defense.

  2. But with his rare blue fur, Demitasse needs the death ray to stop being turned into a Hermès handwarmer.

    1. I like this use of the word “stop”, as if it were an ongoing process that must be arrested.

          1. Having thought about it, there are at least three superhero RPGs that use the same terminology: Champions; GURPS Supers; Mutants & Masterminds.

          2. Harrumph. No idea what you-all are on about.

            But that’s a great name for a cat. I assume, that is just cat red-eye, right? He doesn’t really have magic powers?

          3. I played Champions from the very first edition on. I actually thought it was a case where the “improvements” made in the rules over time were inferior to the original.

        1. Used to be, there was a pretty good street band in Berzerkley by the name of Thoth, iirc. I wonder if they’re still around. Two guys wearing not much and it was mostly percussion, I think.

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