Black anti-Semitism

… was pretty hard to see in Memphis, where the Congressional Black Caucus, Barack Obama, and Harold Ford, Sr., all endorsed a Jewish candidate against a black candidate in a majority-black district, and where the voters went for the Jew by 4-to-1.

… is alive and well in Memphis, where Rep. Steve Cohen just shellacked the race-baiting black former Mayor in a Congressional primary, getting more than 80% of the vote in an overwhelmingly black district.

Oh, wait … lets try that again.

The anti-Semitism and race-fixation of the black political elite was on display in Memphis, where the Congressional Black Caucus and Harold Ford, Sr. both endorsed Rep. Steve Cohen in a race against a black candidate. (Oh, yeah, and of course the white-hating Muslim in the White House.)

Oh, wait …

James Taranto of the Wall Street Murdoch decides not to let the facts get in the way of a good chance to stir up hatred between Jews and blacks, mentions that the CBC refused to make Cohen a member, but not that the all-black group endorsed him over a black candidate.

Congratulations to black Memphians, the CBC, Rep. Ford, and – not least – Steve Cohen.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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