Bill Clinton on Barack Obama

The Obama campaign should make a commercial out of Bill Clinton’s introduction for Barack tonight.

The informercial was quite affecting — the calm narration by Obama himself was quite a contrast to McCain’s crazy innuendo of the day.

But Bill Clinton’s intro at the Florida rally was perhaps even more convincing, succinctly explaining why Obama should be elected, again without mentioning McCain directly.

Clinton discussed four areas that are key to judging a presidency, and why Obama will be a great president: (my paraphrase follows)

philosophy— Barack understands that America works from the ground up, not the top down. The Republicans redistributed wealth up–the greatest amount since the 1920’s. That destroys democracy. We paid down the debt. We created jobs. Barack will too. We made more millionaires and billionaires than they did but you didn’t know it because middle class incomes and jobs were rising–median family income was up, now it’s down.

policies— I’ve read all of them and all of McCain’s and Barack has the right policies. Barack’s do-list is the better do-list. The economic, education, health care, energy plans are all better.

ability to make a decision–You saw two presidential decisions during the campaign. VP selection and financial crisis — he took heat for not saying much at outset on financial crisis because he was talking to experts to understand it first. He was asking what’s best for America, not what’s best politics. He was saying you tell me what’s best and I’ll figure out how to sell it. .

ability to execute decision and make changes in peoples’ lives— he has executed campaign and brought people in in a way no one else has ever done — shows how he can be the best executor of change–the best executor of good intentions — the chief executive

This man should be our president… and he will be unless the American people forget what the election is about — restoring the American dream, fixing our role in the world and getting the troops home, and getting the economy going …

The Obama campaign would do well to make a commercial out of this.