B’Hai rock

More pictures from my new pocket camera.




Author: Harold Pollack

Harold Pollack is Helen Ross Professor of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. He has served on three expert committees of the National Academies of Science. His recent research appears in such journals as Addiction, Journal of the American Medical Association, and American Journal of Public Health. He writes regularly on HIV prevention, crime and drug policy, health reform, and disability policy for American Prospect, tnr.com, and other news outlets. His essay, "Lessons from an Emergency Room Nightmare" was selected for the collection The Best American Medical Writing, 2009. He recently participated, with zero critical acclaim, in the University of Chicago's annual Latke-Hamentaschen debate.

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  1. And I was there Thursday. There is a smallish river there, right on the lake. It's quite beautiful. We walked the grounds. 20 years since I was last in Chicago. What a lovely place. We stayed down south right next to the new Cermak green line L station. Chinatown and Sze Chuan Restaurant in particular were a treat. The AIOC was an intense treat, of course, exceeding our anticipations. Our newly graduated IIoT architect from very young childhood family friend gave us a full day walking architecture tour of The Loop. Apparently the Farmhouse Restaurant is an architect's hangout; I can recommend the Indiana aquacultured shrimp. They actually have taste approximating the fresh netted shrimp of my youth in Florida. Lovely lovely. And the river walk, on Saturday, what a spectacle! Gelato, watching the boating and kayaks(??!!) frenzy on the river near Lake St. Apparently this is new. Certain commenters on this blog would dislike the fully diverse multicultural vibe though. I should like to take them to Harold's Chicken Shack.

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