Baruch Obama?

Note to wingnuts: Knowing the meaning of your own name is not “elitist.” Not even if the meaning is “blessed.”

David Brody of Pat Robertson’s Christian(ist) Broadcast Network, who says he “grew up Jewish,” is shocked &#8212 shocked! &#8212 that Barack Obama knows the meaning of the Hebrew word baruch, cognate with the Arabic or Swahili barack.

Maybe he should lay off the “blessed” rthetoric a little, right? I mean the last time I checked, the “elite rap” was hurting him.

Glenn Reynolds, who (unlike Brody) comes by his goyische kopf honestly, apparently agrees.

No, really, fellas. Knowing the meaning of your own name is not “elitist.” Not even if the meaning happens to be “blessed.”

Actually lots of people, not all of us Jews, think that knowing stuff is sorta cool. Why does the contemporary right wing place such a high value on ignorance?

Footnote Yes, “Baruch” is a perfectly good Hebrew name, as in “Baruch Spinoza.” Though I must admit that to my ear the Latinized “Benedictus” is more euphonious.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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