Bart Stupak, baby-killer

As Bart Stupak got up to defend the health care bill from a Republican motion to recommit based on abortion concerns, some cowardly thug on the Republican side shouted “Baby-killer!” at him.  I was hoping that the passage of health care reform would cause the Republicans to decompensate. Looks as if I might get my wish.

Update Randy Neubegauer (R-TX) has admitted to yelling “baby killer,” but says it was part of the sentence “It’s a baby-killer,” referring to the agreement rather than to Rep. Stupak personally. Since the agreement won’t in fact kill any babies, it’s fair to call Neubegauer the author of a blood libel, but now that he’s stood up it may no longer be appropriate to call him a coward. He admits that his conduct was inappropriate.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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8 thoughts on “Bart Stupak, baby-killer”

  1. I am accepting bets that this person – John Campbell was told it was a Texan – is too much of a coward to admit his identity.

  2. Stupak made his pact with the devil. I don't think we should punish him and torment his soul any more than it is already tormented by calling him names. He just threw away a long career of pro-life support for his moment in time and proved that there is no such thing as a centrist democrat. Way to go buddy, hope you hear dead babies screaming from the grave in your sleep.

  3. "Pro-life"? How rich to hear such hypocrisy from those who self-righteously support and vote to create "collateral damage" of hundreds of thousands pregnant women, babies, and children with every budget and bill which includes funding for wars and incursions. Spare me the sanctimonious and nationalistic paternalism. There is no devil greater than the cocksure and holier-than-thou who would force their religious ideology upon others.

    Pro-life means nothing in this country other than subordination of women. How Americans feel about the "sanctity" of life is clearly shown in every dollar spent on weapons, poisonous industry practices, toxic farming, every drop of contaminated water, and every molecule of polluted air. The fact that there was a battle over universal health care and the resulting minor insurance reform shows clearly how we value life.

    These same people will ridicule climate change; the greatest threat to all human and animal life yet. It's beyond farcical. This micro-management of women says more about the people who perpetrate it than it says about the women who are faced with the most difficult of decisions. I think it must be a desperate attempt to claim power where none truly exists. Petty tyrants one and all.

  4. Bux, how, hypothetically, would you have had Republicans act if the Democrats had offered concessions on the abortion-funding language in return for their fulsome support for the health care reform proposal? Is your preference for the existing anti-abortion language lexicographic?

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