Cannabis News of the Day

More foes emerge as Arizona legalization campaign submits signatures. These people want to show Alaska tourists the cannabis industry. California cannabis to cost just $1 per gram after November ballot.

Washington finds undisclosed pesticides in cannabis growing products. Enumclaw residents say they will sue King County over cannabis farms. Misrepresenting Colorado cannabis could harm further legalization. Industry fights effort to limit cannabis potency in Colorado.

If legalized, should Massachusetts residents be allowed to grow marijuana at home? Guam may focus on medical cannabis before its pursuit of recreational use. Congress must ease banking regulations on cannabis businesses.

DEA source confirms Schedule II medical cannabis is in the works. To better understand pot, Canada should look to Colorado. Canada’s stance on pot is not a ‘red flag’ issue for US. Canadian marijuana task force rules out storefront weed.

Marijuana impairment is ‘a big concern’ as Canada officer starts work on cannabis legalization. Stigma around cannabis will linger after Canadian legalization. No one knows what legal cannabis in Canada will look like. Let’s avoid a massive Canada cannabis bureaucracy.

Licensed growers must increase ahead of Canada legalization. Ottawa might try to prohibit homegrown cannabis. Marijuana Lessons for Canada: The USA vs Portugal vs Netherlands

Cannabis News of the Day

California’s largest political party just endorsed legalizing cannabis. Cannabis use remains flat among Colorado teens. Legalization in Colorado raises the debate on cannabis clubs. Coloradan recreational cannabis is attracting people, but spiking the state’s homeless rate.

The next president could be a buzzkill for cannabis advocates. Nobody knows whether your landlord can stop you from smoking cannabis. Can hemp, long overshadowed by cannabis, rise as an industry? Representative Andy Harris, foe of legalized cannabis, leads push for research.

Gary Johnson explains why he supports legalization. The DEA will not legalize marijuana on August first. Once marijuana is legal, who sets the rules? Top researchers just demolished a huge fear about legal cannabis.

Cannabis News of the Day

A committee on cannabis legalization in Oregon may be dissolving. Legal recreational cannabis works in Colorado and can succeed in New Jersey. A legalization test case in Atlantic City would not only help the the city financially: it could be a stepping-stone for statewide legalization.

A legalization group in Arizona tries to torpedo another. California voters will be asked to legalize cannabis in November. A group pushing for cannabis legalization in Michigan could have huge impact on future ballot campaigns. Microsoft becomes the first big tech company to get into the legal cannabis industry.

Senate appropriators vote to open banking for THC businesses. The future of cannabis research may rely on legalization. The Homeland Security chairman credits a 7th grader for helping him oppose marijuana legalization. Bootleggers, Baptists, bureaucrats, and bongs: How special interests will shape marijuana legalization.

Cannabis News of the Day

An Anti-Cannabis organization compares legalization to Orlando shooting. Nevadan legal cannabis sales would shift proceeds from criminals to the state. If Minnesota’s cannabis is legal, fewer restrictions will be required. British Columbia craft cannabis growers fight for legalization.

The Value of Community in the Legalization Movement argues for the freedom of imprisoned smugglers, growers, and dealers. The NDP urges Liberals to decriminalize pot before legalizing it. Despite easier access with new legislation, cannabis is not likely to end up harming kids.

Cannabis News of the Day

Legal cannabis advocates send out D.C. Council election mailers. The Michigan cannabis legalization campaign is headed to court. There are more incidents of workplace cannabis use reported after legalization in Colorado. A ban on THC gummy bears is signed into Colorado law.

Alaskan cannabis regulators are poised to award their first licenses. Oregon races to finalize rules for cannabis and to issue licenses. Washington cannabis applicants’ info was subject to a data breach. Uruguayan users overwhelmingly support the current regulation, but many of them are reluctant to register. Bill Weld wants to end prohibition.

Legal pot hasn’t sent teen use higher. Justin Trudeau made a persuasive case for legal cannabis. Canada is poised to become North America’s new cannabis capital. Canada could be to cannabis what France is to wine.

Cannabis News of the Day

A bid to block legalization from appearing on the November ballot was discussed in Massachusetts’s highest court. Bill Weld supports marijuana legalization in Massachusetts. Michigan marijuana petitioners fall short as the 180-day policy is now law. The horizon for Californian employers is uncertain with the new AUMA initiative. 

Marijuana arrests on the rise in NYC despite mayor’s lenient 25-gram rule. A Doctor and a patient fight against Washington’s cannabis law. A Floridian law firm opens a Colorado office focused on marijuana industry. Marijuana legalization may be hurting Colorado’s poor. Cannabis in New Jersey should be decriminalized, but not legalized – yet.

Cannabis business bans could hurt Oregon counties. Anti-marijuana efforts surge in Alaska. Here’s how black market THC products affects legalization. A Quinnipiac poll shows a slim majority for national legalization. Canadian cops get more roadside power to deal with stoned drivers. In countries where weed is legal, this is the hellscape they’ve become.

Cannabis News of the Day

A pro-cannabis group in Arizona halts its 2016 legalization effort. The Massachusetts retailers association comes out against pot legalization. Michigan may not legalize cannabis due a signature deadline. A group intensifies its effort to defeat marijuana legalization in Maine.

As cannabis grows in Oregon, so do investors. Cannabis edibles were legalized in Oregon on Thursday. Bernie Sanders is campaigning on a legalization platform in California. A Ventura police chief becomes face of opposition to Californian legalization of recreational cannabis. The Public Policy Institute Of California finds 60% support for legalization.

Employers can still fire you if you smoke in Colorado. The University of Washington will host a conference on June 14. The US Federal Reserve shared that retail storefront demand picks up in legal states. SAM announced a $300k war-chest to stop legalization. The cannabis movement may be overextended with the false promise of tax revenue. A Los Angeles man got high and killed his wife. A lawsuit claims edible marijuana is to blame.

Drug testing companies are working to block legalization in the US. Legalized cannabis may lead to more underage use. British Columbia may harvest revenue from cannabis. Trudeau has caused parliamentary chaos around cannabis legalization. A former cabinet minister of the Canadian government will head a legalization panel. A new law from the U.N. allows for international legalization.


Cannabis News of the Day

Hypocrisy reigns in Arizona as the opposition to cannabis legalization accepts big donations from the alcohol industry. Cannabis legalization is expected to decrease alcohol consumption; therefore, “pot prohibitionists” are supported by the Arizona Wine and Spirits Wholesale Association.

This is pertinent news for California where cannabis consumption is expected to increase as cannabis culture grows. These growths are encouraged as the new legalization campaign learns from past failure. Their new effort reaches out to minority demographics, educates church leaders, and protects young people.

Colorado police are using Craigslist to look for cannabis transactions. While illegal to sell cannabis without a license it is hard for people outside of the industry to know where the law applies. Police are asking lawmakers to stop changing cannabis laws. Consequently, new legalization allows small communities to see cannabis’s benefits as well as its costs.

Cannabis legalization still contentious in Oregon counties while a new poll in Maine shows 55% support for legalization. These results are a few of many difficulties facing the new cannabis industry.

News from Canada shows opposition parties calling for a debate on legalizing cannabis. Despite this promising news speculation must wait as nothing has been discussed formally. Prime Minister Trudeau’s hypocritical statements and require an explanation of cannabis law.