Ashcroft on the way out?

The President is “very disappointed.” WH Counsel thinks he’s “a boob.” VWRC pow-wow next month to find a replacement.

Have you ever wondered how intelligent conservatives could stand having John Ashcroft as Attorney General?

One possible answer — one tht I hadn’t considered — is that they can’t. I was just told by a smart, well-plugged-in Washington conservative that there is to be a meeting next month where he and “others of my ilk” will discuss a candidate to replace Ashcroft. My source reports that the President is “very disappointed” with his Attorney General, and that the White House Counsel’s office regards him as “a boob.”

[Note: My source didn’t want to be identified, but gave his permission for me to publish this item.]

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. I gather Conservatives are diospleased

    I gather Conservatives are diospleased with more than just Ashcroft.  Did you see Buchanan on  The Daily Show Tuesday Night?   Ashcroft on the way out?. The President is "very disappointed." WH Counsel thinks he's "a boob." VWRC pow-wow …

  2. My source reports that the President is "very disappointed" with his Attorney General, and that the White House Counsel's office regards him as "a boob."

    Mark A. R. Kleiman

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