As Goes Maine, So Goes the Nation(al Press)?

I post here and upload source material such as judicial opinions because I believe that mainstream news sources have abdicated their responsibility to do so.  This is not, however, uniformly the case.

Recently, Maine Governor Paul LePage was ordered to comply with Maine’s Medicaid expansion law, which extends health care coverage to as many as 80,000 low-income Mainers.  That story was covered by Portland Press Herald.  Go to the link to the story.  Not only does the story contain a cloud-based link that allows readers to download the entire judicial opinion, but it also has a link to a story in August reporting that the Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled against the administration when it sought to delay implementation of the expansion until the Legislature funded the state’s cost, estimated to be about $55 million a year.  That story contains a cloud-based link to the opinion of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

Linking to source material that is the basis of news stories should be the rule rather than the exception.  So, if the Portland Press Herald can regularly follow this practice, why can’t the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, etc., do so?

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  1. My obvious guess would be that they don’t want you to leave their web site with all it’s revenue-generating ads.

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