Army CoS has “no reason to doubt” Obama’s soldier story

What does it mean?
And when will thewingnuts apologize?

The Army Chief of Staff says that he has “no reason to doubt” Barack Obama’s account of an Army captain’s complaint about being sent to Afghanistan with his unit undermanned and underequipped. Remember, this was the story all the wingnuts landed on as evidence of Obama’s ignorance of military matters and of his mendacity, and the story the Pentagon press geek publicly cast doubt on.

That could mean any or all of the following:

1. That the story as told to, and relayed by, Obama was substantially correct;

2. That Gen. Casey remembers that his oath was to support the Constitution, not the incumbent President, and doesn’t want to meddle in partisan politics;

3. That the brass is tired of the Republican clown show;

4. That the brass thinks Obama is going to win and has decided not to jerk him around too much.

At minimum it means that the story must have been plausible as told. That ought to lead to a chorus of apologies from the wingnutosphere. But it won’t.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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