I failed to give credit, or a link, to the genius who designed “Absolut Corruption.”

Just as I was writing my sarcastic take-down of the Simon/Kristol “criminalizing conservatives” whine, someone I don’t know sent me an email with the “Absolut Corruption” graphic. I quickly pasted it into the text and sent a reply email asking whether the sender wanted credit. I never heard back.

Thanks mostly to the generosity of John Amato of Crooks and Liars, my post drew about a gazillion hits. It also attracted several other links. Presumably most of that action was due to the wonderful graphic rather than the fairly ordinary prose.

And — here’s the injustice — none of that credit, and none of those hits, went to Maria at 2 political junkies, who had designed the graphic. Worse, when I saw her complaint, I promised to add a link to the original post, but (apparently) didn’t.

Now I have, long after the hit-storm is over, which doesn’t do Maria any good. So please help me celebrate Tom DeLay’s booking day by laughing once again at Absolut Corruption.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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