AP reports
    Plame was still in the Directorate of Operations

Will this put an end to GOP denial? Don’t bet on it.

Somehow, the Republicans have managed to make the question whether Valerie Plame Wilson was an undercover CIA officer controversial. But John Solomon and Pete Yost of the AP, discussing what seems to have been some false information supplied to Judith Miller by Scooter Libby, reports:

Miller disclosed this weekend that her notes of a conversation she had with I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby on July 8, 2003 stated Cheney’s top aide told her that the wife of Bush administration critic Joseph Wilson worked for the CIA’s Weapons Intelligence, Non-Proliferation, and Arms Control (WINPAC) unit.

Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, never worked for WINPAC, an analysis unit in the overt side of the CIA, and instead worked in a position in the CIA’s secret side, known as the directorate of operations, according to three people familiar with her work for the spy agency.

If she was still in the D.O., she was still covert. So much for “nadagate.” Of course, the fact that the CIA made, and the DoJ accepted, a criminal referral in the case sort of suggested as much two years ago, and the fact that all the judges who reviewed Fitzgerald’s subpoena for Miller upheld it should have driven the point home.

The river of Egypt flows past many shores.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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