Another Onion story in the mainstream press

No, of course DHS agents didn’t actually visit a student at home to ask him why he’d checked a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book out of the college library.

Of course, anyone who thinks that the Bushite version of “homeland security” in general, and the Patriot Act library-snooping provision in particular, represents a threat to civil liberty is crazy. This, for example, could never happen in real life.

I mean, why would HSA bother to track down a student who ordered a copy of the Quotations from Chairman Mao (the “Little Red Book”) from his university library for a paper in a course on totalitarianism? The explanation is obvious: Once again, the editors of The Onion have managed to plant a story in the supposedly serious press.

I regret to say that Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon was taken in, and provided the usual display of what the right-bloggers call “Bush Derangement Syndrome.” She’s not really pro-civil-libeties; she’s on the other side.

(Amanda credits Mediagirl; I found the Pandagon item through Salon’s Daou report.)

Author: Mark Kleiman

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