Another McCain scandal for the media to ignore

McCain helped a big developer who is also a big contributor get favorable treatment from the feds on land swaps. Ho, hum.

Wouldn’t you like to pick up a piece of land from the Army &#8212 with special water rights where water is all-important &#8212 for a quarter of a million bucks and sell it at a $20 million profit two years later? You can. Just make friends with John McCain.

Why the New York Times chose the eve of the Pennsylvania primary to run this story. virtually guaranteeing that it won’t develop any legs, is beyond me. Note that since McCain’s wife &#8212 the one with the money, the one who was in a business deal with Charles Keating at the time when her husband helped Keating bilk the taxpayers of $2.3 billion &#8212 has refused to release her tax returns, we can’t know what sort of financial goodies Donald Diamond has managed to slip her over the years.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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