An American in Beijing

Here is picture a friend took of me at Peking University’s Business School.  As you can see, the RBC is not blocked in China and I have the freedom to do what I want.  I see that my other blog is no longer blocked.  In 2009, it was.

It has been quite hot here so I decided to strip down.   I will be giving talks throughout the week in Beijing and Tianjin.  My friends at Tsinghua University have asked me to give a seminar on Sunday (today) at Noon.   Does your U.S university have sunday seminars? That’s old school!    So far, so good — the only thing that makes me sad is that Google has walked away from its tall building near the Tsinghua campus and has retreated to Hong Kong. I also see that I can’t access my Facebook page.  Progress takes place in small steps.

Author: Matthew E. Kahn

Professor of Economics at UCLA.

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  1. “Professor stripped of NSF grant after accusation of performance-enhancing drugs….”

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