Alex Polier speaks

Finally, we hear from the victim. She’s a pretty good reporter, but it’s a pretty depressing story.

Alex Polier, the victim of the “Kerry intern” flap, has written a fascinating blow-by-blow account. Somehow I doubt that the Kerry-haters will bother to link to it.

As I said before, the depth of depravity displayed by those who hyped this scandal and then refused — still refuse — to retract makes the behavior of the ordinary criminals and drug dealers whose conduct I study professionally seem rather innocent by comparison.

Update The Talmud has something useful to say on this, and the blog Yesh Omrim expounds the text skilfully. I suppose rising sea levels aren’t exactly the same as a Flood, but there are definitely parallels.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. Profile in Courage

    Alexandra Polier, the woman whose life was so cruelly disrupted by lies and innuendo so that the Kerry-haters could fabricate a reputation-destroying smear has written this week's cover story in New York magazine. If nothing else it shows the depths

  2. The libel of a thousand scratches

    And this is what the
    people of the age of the Flood used to do: When a man brought out a
    basket full of lupines, one would come and seize less than a perutah’s
    worth and then everyone would come and seize less than a perutah’s
    worth, so that

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