Albatross flavor

Palin is now McCain’s albatross: poetic justice.

The finding that Sarah Palin is now regarded least favorably among the four presidential and vice-presidential candidates leads Mark to say that she’ll be a millstone around McCain’s neck by election time.

Though I wouldn’t object greatly to McCain’s being cast into the Bering Sea, I beg to differ. Palin won’t be a millstone; she’ll be an albatross.

Having to bear a dead albatross around his neck was, as we all know, the Ancient Mariner’s cosmic payback for shooting that animal cruelly and without good reason.

Or, as my Greek teacher used to say, “Euripi-des, Eumeni-des.”

Update: Palin’s even more unpopular than we thought. Anyone for calling Palin’s albatross level the “wingspan meter?”

Author: Andrew Sabl

Andrew Sabl, a political theorist, is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto. He is the author of Ruling Passions: Political Offices and Democratic Ethics and Hume’s Politics: Coordination and Crisis in the History of England, both from Princeton University Press. His research interests include political ethics, liberal and democratic theory, toleration, the work of David Hume, and the realist school of contemporary political thought. He is currently finishing a book for Harvard University Press titled The Uses of Hypocrisy: An Essay on Toleration. He divides his time between Toronto and Brooklyn.