Aid to Republicans

Let’s help them get the intra-party nastiness going.

The Republican Party, despite its finely-honed capacity for nastiness, often runs disappointingly civil intra-party contests. I had hopes that the current Presidential race would be different: no field including Rudy Giuliani and John McCain should ever lack for nastiness, and the race seemed to get off to a good start when Mitt Romney went after McCain on immigration and McCain suggested that Mitt Romney might want to “get out his small-varmint gun and drive those Guatemalans off his lawn.”

But other than that, so far the Republicans haven’t been delivering the really rude one-liners; after all, it was James Carville, not Mike Huckabee, who said that Rudy Giuliani had been married more often than Mitt Romney had been hunting.

Since I believe in bipartisan collaboration, I propose a contest to invent the nastiest slogan or bumper-sticker or print ad to be directed at each of the leading Republicans by other Republicans. (That last clause frees contestants from the constraints of honesty and good taste.)

Just to get things off to a start, here’s an anti-Giuliani flier that any of the others might use:

giuliani drag.jpg

Wide Stance?

I’ll post other meritorious suggestions as they come in. First prize is a year’s free subscription to the RBC. Second prize …

Author: Mark Kleiman

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