Abortion rights for servicemembers

This is a problem fixable with an appropriations rider. Why not do it?

For reasons unknown, reddit.com linked today to this item from two years ago, about the Congressional ban on funding abortions for servicemembers and their families. The specific case involved an anencephalic fetus.

I have more sympathy than most commenters for the tough place Congressional Democrats find themselves in. But I can’t see why a simple provision requiring that abortions be paid for in cases where the fetus is certain to die before its first birthday can’t be attached to the Defense Appropriations bill. (If the family in this specific case has actually paid back the $3000, another provision could require that they be made whole.) If Senate Republicans want to filibuster or the President wants to veto the entire defense appropriation over this issue, they can be my guest.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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