A road map through a minefield

Kevin Drum says that the Bush Administration is tiptoeing toward endorsement of the “Geneva Plan” so hated by the Israeli government. I’m not at all sure (1) whether the plan is a good idea substantively; or (2) whether Bush’s people are really getting behind it, as opposed to using a head-fake of support for it to pimp-slap the Sharon government. But when Paul Wolfowitz is saying nice things about Yossi Beilin, something strange is going on.

I half-hope it’s true, because I want to watch the Bush fans who are also Sharon fans twist themselves into pretzels. Tom Lehrer once spoke of someone “feeling like a Christian Scientist with appendicitis.” It’s a feeling I devoutly wish on the folks at Little Green Footballs, and on the “official” spokespeople for the Jewish community who seem to speak with one eye on the maximum marginal tax rate.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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