“A problem group of members and staff”

The former Clerk of the House reportedly testified to the House Ethics Committee that the Chief Counsel and floor manager for Speaker Hastert was aware of problems going well beyond Foley.

Oh, my!

ABC News reports on the testimony of the former Clerk of the House to the House Ethics Committee:

The Republican source said Trandahl planned to name Ted Van Der Meid, the speaker’s counsel and floor manager, as the person who was briefed on a regular basis about any issue that arose in the page program, including a “problem group of members and staff who spent too much time socializing with pages outside of official duties,” one of whom was Mark Foley.

Well, that should set the cat among the pigeons.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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One thought on ““A problem group of members and staff””

  1. As the Rethugs prepare their anti-gay witch hunt it saddens me to notice that half a dozen gay staffers tried for years to get the leadership to do something about this. And the heterosexual leadership covered it up.
    Why won't the media point this out?

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