A President to be proud of

Barack Obama tells gay teens: that their difference is a source of strength and pride.

Just try to imagine any Republican candidate making this video, or surviving the resulting Teahadist primary challenge if he did.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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4 thoughts on “A President to be proud of”

  1. Imagine it? What are you talking about? Bush made it a point on several different occasions to speak out publicly and unequivocally about gay bullying, at several points during his presidency. Heck, even Glenn Beck devoted a large segment on one of his shows to denouncing bullying people for their sexual orientation. And I know it comforts you deeply to imagine that Teapartisim is suffused with bigotry and homophobia, but wanting it to be true just don't make it so.

    Frankly, what this looks like to me is a beleaguered president bandwagoning on an already widely popular issue that nearly every American but the Phelpses already support. What's next from the President? A three-minute spot about how all good Americans ought to cherish our mothers and the apple-filled pastries they make?

  2. There's talk, there're actions and there're results. I'll give the president credit on the first point, the other two, not so much. (I know it's really, really hard and those darn Republicans just won't see things his way.)

    Proud? I think "minimally tolerant" is much more apt.

  3. All this "It Gets Better," and no "Why is it still so bad in the first place and why are we still sending our children into this bad situation?"

  4. The president got attacked by republicans for a message to schoolchildren where he encouraged them to study and work hard. So, yes, I do think that republicans will attack him for this. And the current republican party absolutely would attack one of their own for doing things like this; did the first couple of posters here miss the primary season that we just went through?

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