A kinder and gentler terrorist

The New York Times gives Gerry Adams’s book a favorable write-up. Maria at Crooked Timber disapproves.

Me, too.

There’s a simple fact about the IRA that most of its supporters tend to ignore: The voice is the voice of the Sons of Liberty, but the hands are the hands of the Corleone family.

Share power with Gerry Adams to stop the killing? Well, if it’s necessary, it’s necessary. But pretend that he isn’t a mass murderer, the chief of a gang of extortionists? No way. And somehow I don’t get all warm and fuzzy when I learn that a mass murderer has a “sense of humor.”

I stand by my previously-stated proposal for dealing with the problem.

Update Yes, when Jacob fooled his father into disinheriting his brother, it was the voice, not the hands, that reflected the actual situation. But that was then, and this is now.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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