A GM stock offering before November?

That would be nice.

GM may file for an IPO in mid-month, aiming to complete the deal before November. I was for the bailout when I thought it unlikely that the government would get its money back, because if GM had gone down it would have taken the parts companies with it, which would have been bad news for the whole industry. But of course the bailout has been an albatross around Obama’s political neck.

No word yet on valuation, but if the IPO values the government’s 60% stake at anything near the $50B we put into the deal, the administration is going to come out looking pretty smart: and the opponents of the deal as dumb and pusillanimous.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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3 thoughts on “A GM stock offering before November?”

  1. Obama may end up looking smart to anyone who is looking but will he be smart enough to capitalize on it? He seems to think people are aware of what he is doing without his getting out there and shouting about it. No Drama Obama needs to learn to get dramatic about his accomplishments and his goals. Talk to voters like they're eight years old and repeat, repeat, repeat. Then repeat it again some more.

  2. I can see the wingnut talking points already. If the government makes a profit, that will be another case of Obama meddling with the economy and taking money out of the hands of honest businessmen. If they take a loss, even a tiny one, that will confirm the bailout was a terrible idea. Sometimes being reality-based is such a handicap.

  3. This will yield as much credit for the correct and shame for the wrong as did the 2002 Iraq debate.

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