A cover-up of poor school performance in Texas?

What doesn’t Rod Paige’s Education Department want us to know about school performance in Texas until after the election?

Eduwonk thinks the charter schools report in the NY Times was, at least, oversold. Eduwonk also thinks the Education Department was guilty of “ineptness” (“ness” moster alert: what’s wrong with “ineptitude”?) rather than nefariousness in appearing to conceal the data. (I had a different take on that question, while also having some thoughts about why the poor performance of the charters might be apparent rather than real.)

But when the report on the performance of the Texas public schools gets postponed past November, Eduwonk detects a distinct odor of fish. Given the fraud that permeated Houston’s schools data when Rod Paige was assembling the phony success record that made him Secretary of Education, suspicion seems appropriate.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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