Cannabis News Round-Up

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio backs legal marijuana, calls for expunging records of criminal convictions. A Fair Approach to Marijuana: Mayor’s Task Force on Cannabis Legalization. What to know about de Blasio report backing recreational marijuana. De Blasio explains his hesitance on legalizing marijuana. De Blasio wants a $10 million fund for pot startup grantsCuomo warns against over-taxing recreational marijuana. Cuomo says state doesn’t really have a choice but to legalize marijuana. New York Senator Liz Krueger on recreational marijuana. New York Assemblyman Joe Lentol on recreational marijuana and criminal justiceNew York county health departments oppose legalizing marijuana, citing health risks. Local opinions are mixed on possible legal marijuana in New YorkNew York recreational marijuana: Why it’s no longer a pipe dream. Recreational pot appears imminent in New York. The mystery is what the industry would look like.

New York legalizing weed? New Jersey governor says he’s not worriedNew Jersey cannabis legislation.

Why men support marijuana legalization more than women do. What’s that smellSenate to vote on Trump-backed federal pot legalization, but passage unlikely [update: vote blocked by Chuck Grassley]. Will marijuana legalization have a “gateway” effect?

Canada warns citizens to use cash to purchase legal weed so they don’t get denied entry to the US. Trudeau says opponents of Canada cannabis legalization are the “chattering classes” who’ve been “caught flat footed.”

New Zealand says voters will decide whether cannabis is legalized.