Cannabis News Round-Up

Denver will vacate low-level marijuana convictions that occurred before legalization. The little Colorado town that pot built.

Rhode Island considers marijuana legalization as New England turns green. The high costs of legalizing marijuana in New Hampshire.

A new revenue source for NYC mass transit: Legalizing and taxing cannabis. Long Island public hearing centers on legalizing recreational marijuana. Minority entrepreneurs look to break into burgeoning New Jersey pot industry. Jersey City tells cops to keep arresting people for pot.

Could Minnesota be next to legalize marijuana?

North Carolina legislature to consider marijuana legalization in 2019.

Missouri lawmaker files marijuana legalization bill after voters approve medical cannabis.

As Altria eyes pot, Philip Morris ignores peer pressure. Altria invests $1.8 billion in cannabis company Cronos. Navigating cannabis legalization 2.0. Major alcohol association briefs Congress on marijuana legalization. In 90-second clip, Fox & Friends pushes string of misleading claims about marijuana. Investing in marijuana dispensary stocks could be a big mistake.

Will Trump’s wall help keep US weed out of Mexico? Marijuana in Mexico: how to legalize it effectively, fairly and safely.

Capitalistic US faces fight with Canada for cannabis supremacyUSCanada cross-border dispatches on the state of cannabis legalization. In Canada, you can study marijuana production for college credit. Why moldy weed is a problem in Canada and how to fix it. Pot is so hot in Canada that firms are importing workersNetherlands master weed growers are flocking to Canada