Cannabis News Round-Up

Cannabis capitalism: who is making money in the marijuana industry? About six-in-ten Americans support marijuana legalization. Booming cannabis industry to more than double employment within a year. Despite marijuana’s increasing legalization, arrests soar. As Canada makes marijuana legal, US resorts to Prohibition-inspired tactics. Corporate America is investing in pot because people want to eat and drink it. Wall Street analyst says the marijuana market will be much bigger than she first thought.

Washington pot industry caught off guard by new ban on some edibles. Marijuana businesses in compliance with Colorado law could face federal charges under new enforcement strategy. Why Colorado HIDTA horrors of pot report is being ignored. Outgoing Colorado US Attorney: Legal marijuana not what it was billed as. California new marijuana law is a first but likely not the last.

Massachusetts students’ pot use puts colleges’ funding at risk.Massachusetts could give final approval to its first two recreational marijuana dispensariesNew Hampshire report on legal pot to present pros, cons. How do candidates for Connecticut Governor feel about marijuana legalization?

Most speakers at Binghamton, New York listening session in favor of legalizing marijuana. Hundreds sound off on legalizing recreational marijuana in New YorkNew York medical society: Legalized marijuana is bad for public health. Marijuana legalization in New York: Here’s the money behind politically charged pot war. Rochester, New York advocates for, against legalization of marijuana face off. Cuomo’s office hosts New York legal marijuana hearing in East Syracuse.

New Jersey marijuana legalization: Don’t buy into industry’s liesNew Jersey legal weed update: Lawmakers huddle to discuss latest bill. Legalizing New Jersey marijuana—not so easy, after all, governorNew Jersey to get legal weed “sooner than later,” Gov. Murphy says. I’m among many New Jersey police chiefs who believe legalizing weed will lead to more vehicle deaths.

The latest battlefield between left and right in Idaho. Advocates hope November referenda will spark Wisconsin debate on legalizing pot. Michigan 18-1: Here’s what marijuana legalization proposal looks like on ballot. Pot legalization advocates seek foothold in Midwest states.

The midterm elections will give some voters a chance to legalize marijuana. Marijuana skeptics fear de facto legalization in states. O’Rourke’s half-baked marijuana legalization count. “Weedcraft Inc.” asks you to make sense of a thousand different marijuana laws. Does legalizing marijuana reduce crime? Seven principles to guide a successful and well-regulated marijuana market.Legal marijuana: A bubble about to burst? Philip Morris has no plans for cannabis, CEO says.

Canada is about to legalize marijuana. How did that happen? Justin Trudeau, for starters. Canada asks: can police officers smoke marijuana after legalization? The looming border clash over Canada marijuana. Will British Columbia’s legal marijuana supply run dry?


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