Cannabis News Round-Up

Connecticut marijuana legalization “off the table” at legislative session. Connecticut firms not weeding out marijuana practices, despite legislative setbackRepublicans hatching plan to keep Michigan pot legalization off the ballotMichigan pot legalization push hits roadblock. If Illinois legalizes marijuana, what happens to pot-sniffing dogsRecreational marijuana may be back before Ohio voters.

Feinstein supports law to prevent federal crackdown on marijuana in California. Kamala Harris says she’ll back Booker’s legislation to legalize marijuana. Mitch McConnell won’t support legalizing marijuanaCynthia Nixon called New York marijuana licenses a “form of reparations” for black people. Not exactly.

Colorado first-in-the-nation marijuana “tasting rooms” bill heads to governor’s desk. When it comes to Colorado marijuana industry, Congress’ view is clouded by myth. Marijuana money flows into California politics. Is proposed San Luis Obispo County cannabis tax too high or just right? California marijuana tax cut could be in jeopardy as revenue lags behind budget projections.

More businesses are mellowing out over hiring pot smokers. Small businesses grapple with maze of conflicting pot laws. Public support for marijuana is growing. Will lawmakers follow? How anti-marijuana Jeff Sessions became the best thing to happen to pot legalization.

Does marijuana legalization cause pedestrian fatalities? Weedmaps wants to drive the conversation on marijuana with hundreds of billboards. Legalizing and taxing marijuana boosts government revenue–a little.

Amid Canada pot legalization U.S. border uncertainty. Canada Senate should stand down on cannabis. Legal marijuana is set to outsell liquor in Canada by 2020. Plain legal pot packaging not doing Canada consumers any favors, report says.

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