Cannabis News Round-Up

New bill in Congress would ban federal cannabis enforcement in legal states. Nearly 70 Congress members push spending bill amendment to protect state-legal marijuana.

California marijuana buzz is huge, but Los Angeles sellers still can’t cash in. Washington cannabis oversupply spurs calls for change. Oregon US Attorney: A call for transparency and action on marijuana. Colorado senators to U.S. Treasury: Leave marijuana banking rules alone. Colorado senator provides additional details on marijuana policy meeting with Sessions. Alaska lawmakers push for separation in state, federal marijuana regulations.

Law enforcement figures say Massachusetts will protect legal weed industry in face of federal threat. Vermont governor indicates he’ll sign pot legalization bill headed to his desk. New Hampshire marijuana study leader: Don’t legalize now. New Hampshire marijuana vote: What were they smoking? Bills to legalize marijuana reintroduced to New Jersey legislature. Will New York finally consider legalizing cannabis this week?

Pritzker betting the pot on legalizing marijuana in Illinois governor’s race. When will Florida legalize recreational marijuana?

It is too late to dismantle the marijuana industry. The cannabis industry 2017 annual report. Ex-DEA agent turned pot venture capitalist: Legalizing marijuana is good for the economy.

DOJ blindsided banking agency on pot policy flip. Majority of voters oppose Sessions’ crackdown on legal marijuana. Why federal cannabis crackdown may be a blessing in disguise for legal weed. Sessions strikes a blow for world government. Some fans of Trump and pot feel allegiances go up in smoke.