Cannabis News Round-Up

The promise of legal pot: America came close to legalizing marijuana in the 1970s. What went wrong? Legalization a boon to more than just marijuana markets.

Highlights of California rules and regulations for the legal marijuana market.
California marijuana rules are heavy handed, but signal end of prohibition. A California marijuana prohibition that makes sense.California weed entrepreneurs will make $5.2b in 2018 with almost no banks to put it in. San Francisco report weighs health risks raised by legal pot. Rush of pot grows splits rural California before legal sales.

New Colorado cannabis rules go into effect January 1.

New Jersey poised to legalize cannabis but some urge caution. New Jersey legal marijuana may also mean car insurance gets high. 62% of New York want legal marijuana, poll shows. Candidates for Connecticut governor back legalizing and taxing marijuana. New Hampshire lawmaker: Let’s end the failed war on weed.

Five questions about Illinois legal pot that demand better answers. Is 2018 the year Michigan legalizes marijuana?

Marijuana legalization advocate rules out Democratic bid for Florida governor.

Will Canada plan to get high go up in smoke? Canada marijuana industry enters consolidation phase. Saskatchewan pot survey suggests legal weed be regulated similar to alcohol. Quebec unveils marijuana legalization plan.

2 thoughts on “Cannabis News Round-Up”

  1. "Marijuana legalization advocate rules out Democratic bid for Florida governor.".
    Is this:
    1. MLA says he won't run for governor of Florida as a Democrat.
    2. MLA says no Democrat has a chance at being elected governor of Florida.
    3. MLA, representing the governor of Florida, says he won't run for something.
    Headlinese is a peculiar, and often ambiguous, form of English. I once saw, in Oxford. a newspaper seller's sign reading "Oxon man on wife murder bid charge". At least that was clear.

  2. What went wrong in the '70's? Nixon happened.

    Recently, John Ehrlichman admitted Nixon's war on drugs was to disrupt the black and anti-war communities. []

    Then, the Republican party realized that once you locked tens of millions of lefties up for weed under a felony, you could make it nearly impossible for them to ever vote again.

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