Cannabis News Round-Up

11-year-old girl sues Sessions over marijuana legalization. The reaction to Sen. Booker’s marijuana bill that he doesn’t want to see. Jeff Sessions, pot prohibition is so 2011. Marijuana tech firm MassRoots to buy CannaRegs for $12 million. Support for cannabis law reform remains high in 2017. The great pot monopoly mystery. A record number of Americans have tried marijuana, new survey shows.

Recent raids on Mendocino, California grows elicit response from local government. Marijuana becomes a player in California politics and it’s putting its money on Gavin Newsom. California is hiring extensively as recreational marijuana approaches. Pot prices rise 200% in Nevada as product flies off the shelves. Nevada regulators reaffirm wall between casinos, marijuana.

Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon respond to Sessions’ missives. Oregon Gov. Brown mounts vigorous defense of legal pot. Colorado towns to receive new mental health clinics. Colorado town disputes recall petition. Traffic fatalities linked to marijuana are up sharply in Colorado. Is legalization to blame? At least eleven Colorado pot-related homicides since legalization. Fairbanks, Alaska referendum pits pot retailers against neighborhood groups.

First member of Massachusetts pot commission didn’t support legalization. Pennsylvania law firms bullish on cannabis despite grave legal risks. Is this the last hurdle to legalizing pot in New Jersey if Murphy wins?

Canadian liquor stores lobby to sell legal marijuana. MP says pot legalization should factor in discrimination against black Canadians. Quebec wants to hear from you on legal marijuana. Pot was flying off the shelves in Uruguay; then US banks weighed in. UK Liberal Democrats still want to legalize cannabis.