Cannabis News Round-Up 5/3/19

Helping banks play SAFE while serving the cannabis industry. Congress can open banks to legal cannabis industry with SAFE Act. D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser unveils bill to legalize recreational marijuana sales.

Jackson County, Oregon black market bust: $15M in pot & stockpile of firearms. Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan calls for nationwide evaluation on marijuana legalization.

Connecticut pot tax clears committee, setting the stage for final legalization bill. Pot tax proposal in Connecticut similar to Massachusetts model. Contentious hearing in Hartford on Connecticut marijuana legalization. Connecticut Republican lawmakers to discuss implications of legal recreational marijuana. With time running short, Vermont House struggles with full legalization. Vermont governor Phil Scott‘s three wishes. Recreational marijuana delivery could soon become the norm in Massachusetts.

No one’s in a hurry to legalize recreational marijuana in New York. New York marijuana: What to know about minority ownership, social equity and pot arrests. Advocates oversell how New York legal weed will eliminate the black market. Will New Jersey legalize marijuana in May? Top Democrat says it’s fifty-fifty. New Jersey medical marijuana could move on without recreational legal weed, expungement plan.

Illinois is prioritizing legalization. Full, 300-page pot legalization bill could be introduced in Illinois within days. Legalizing marijuana in Illinois: A good or bad idea? Small Illinois towns hope legalized marijuana bring more jobs.

Twin Cities business leaders to discuss potential impact of recreational marijuana legalization in Minnesota. Las Vegas ordinance on weed lounges could overstep authority.

A marijuana brand with loads of street cred. Winners and losers of American pot stocks so far this year. A small marijuana company wants to sell spliffs. It won’t be easy. Scalia Law Schools symposium on the law & economics of legalization. How living near a marijuana dispensary affects your home’s price.

Taiwan resists as activists launch campaign to legalize marijuana. Canada pot exchange gets some competition.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Louisiana bills seek to legalize marijuana. Trump administration says immigrants working in legal marijuana industry lack “moral character” for citizenship. Kevin Sabet says marijuana legalization push is “about a small number of people who want to get rich.”

Illegal pot market booming in California despite legalization. Federal marijuana legalization must learn from California. Number, type of Washington marijuana bills grow with the new industry. Governor John Hickenlooper on Colorado marijuana legalization and how he talks to his son about pot.

Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, but your boss doesn’t have to allow it—yet. Massachusetts panel okays plan for home delivery of marijuana. Marijuana legalization bill debated in New Hampshire senate committee. Opponents to New Hampshire marijuana legalization show up in force at hearing. Cannabis is legal in states around New Hampshire, but it’s not easy to actually get some and consume it legally.

Legalizing pot may provide fiscal relief to Pennsylvania. Could Pennsylvania recreational marijuana impact the medical marijuana industry? Criminal justice impacts of Pennsylvania marijuana legalization, decriminalization examined. Pennsylvania marijuana entrepreneurs hoping for clarity amid banking haze. Monuments, museums, marijuana: Take a whiff of DC new pot-infused tourism. New York marijuana: What to know about pot-pricing cliffs, banking wars and drug dealers.

Illinois marijuana bill likely to come up early when lawmakers return. As Illinois lawmakers prepare to debate recreational marijuana, opponents raise concerns. Illinois wants to set aside $8M to regulate recreational weed. Democrat Marty Moylan leads effort to slow Illinois recreational marijuana legalization. Patrick Kennedy (son of Ted) asks Illinois lawmakers to oppose marijuana legalization.

Would legalizing and taxing marijuana boost the Texas economy? Why Arizona lawmakers—not the industry—should legalize marijuana. Advocates hope to legalize marijuana in Red Lake Nation.

Why weed advocates aren’t happy about Joe Biden’s candidacy. Most 2020 Democratic presidential candidates agree on recreational marijuana: Legalize it. Elizabeth Warren reiterates support for marijuana legalization.

Cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot? Just call it a job machine. In the age of legal marijuana, many employers drop zero tolerance drug tests. Why the 1970s effort to decriminalize marijuana failed. Beer and cigarette makers join the pot lobbying parade. Can artisanal weed compete with Big Marijuana?

Marijuana legalization looks promising, but plenty of questions remain.
A national conversation about pot. Marijuana legalization and road safety: A panel study of US states. High Time for Criminal Justice Reform: Marijuana Expungement Statutes in States with Legalized or Decriminalized Marijuana Laws. The Onion endorses legal marijuana.

Following Canada example to see how brands advertise marijuana. Marijuana sales in Canada are going nowhere fast. Mexico lawmakers plan to tackle marijuana legalization this summer. What will the marijuana economy give to Georgia?

4/20 Cannabis News Round-Up

Corporations embracing 4/20 as weed holiday goes mainstream.

Alabama lawmakers unanimously approve marijuana decriminalization in committee vote. Vermont bank prepares to lend to pot businesses. Howard Dean, once anti-pot, joins cannabis company board. How even legal marijuana use can land you in jail. Weed was legal for less than a month in 1972 in Michiganor was it?

Could this California environmental law be the cannabis industry’s silent killer? Two years on, California marijuana legalization isn’t delivering. Cop fired, town hall searched as Colorado border town reckons with new pot money, old problems. Nevada may be forced to reveal marijuana license criteria. The untold story of Washington marijuana legalization.

Why the road to New York pot legalization is proving so rocky. Reefer, managed: Putting cannabis taxes to work in New York. After recent setbacks, will New York and New Jersey legalize pot? Legal weed remains stalled in New Jersey as politicians don’t know how to solve this big issue.

Pennsylvania state reps call Lieutenant Governor‘s marijuana listening tour a “sham.” Legalizing Pennsylvania adult recreational marijuana faces uphill battle. Stop blocking DC from regulating its marijuana. market.

Connecticut legal recreational pot a potential conundrum for the workforce. The real story—legalizing Connecticut marijuana. Pot tax rate key to driving down illegal market in Connecticut.

It is time to legalize Illinois recreational marijuana. Illinois governor aims to legalize recreational marijuana by end of spring session.Opponents of legal marijuana in Illinois: “This is not a done deal.”

Democratic representative to reintroduce legislation to fully legalize marijuana in Wisconsin. Marijuana advocates face hurdles as Wisconsin eyes legalization.

Just how popular is pot legalization? Analyst says calls for legalizing marijuana are part of societal trend. Is nationwide legalization just around the corner? Marijuana legalization—a rare issue where women are more conservative than men. Don’t buy all those phony myths about legalizing pot.

All the top Democrats running for president favor legalizing. How Trump could take pot legalization away from Democrats in 2020.

Fund levelheaded research into cannabis legalization. US workers are failing drug tests at an incredible rate—but legal weed has the future of these screenings in doubt. Think pot policy is settled? Think again. The army has a message for soldiers: Even where marijuana is legal, don’t use it. How legalizing recreational marijuana impacts home values. The $3.4 billion as-soon-as-it’s-legal marijuana merger.

America’s boom in illegal weed. These are the countries most likely to legalize weed next.

Canada has made pot super boring. Canada legal weed struggles to light up as smokers stick to black market.Trudeau isn’t talking about it, but Canada  legal pot is going well.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Oregon has 1 million pounds of unsold cannabis, and it reveals the state’s marijuana surplus problem. A new state bill could determine the future of Oregon pot industry. 24 California cities sue to stop home weed deliveries. Colorado legal pot cost has dropped, illicit grow market still booming.

Massachusetts legal pot sales sparking illicit marijuana market. New Yorkers are flocking to Massachusetts for their legal weed fix. Here’s what’s holding up the legalizing of marijuana in New York. New York lawmakers pivot to legal pot.

New Jersey Governor sets May deadline for legal weed vote. Governor Murphy‘s vow to move ahead on medical marijuana could jeopardize legal weed. Marijuana legalization could require 100 new growing sites in New Jersey. After New Jersey legalizes weed, these tech wizards want to grow tons of it here. With robots.

Connecticut legal marijuana part three. Another Connecticut legislative committee to vote on pot legalization. Connecticut Judiciary Committee pushes legalized marijuana bills forward. Keep Big Marijuana out of Connecticut.

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania residents make their pitch for legalizing marijuana to Lieutenant Governor.

Bill legalizing recreational marijuana in Florida dies without a hearing.

Illinois is really close to legalizing marijuana … or is it? Here comes Michigan Big Marijuana and the Republican hypocrites. Marijuana advocates have hope but face hurdles as Wisconsin eyes legalization.

Attorney General calls current marijuana situation “intolerable,” indicates support for reform bill. Attorney General’s position on marijuana legalization a welcome contrast to that of his predecessor.

Governor Inslee calls for national marijuana legalization. Cory Booker says weed legalization must include justice for victims of war on drugs. Cory Gardner: Trump said he would sign pot bill.

Legal pot vs. black market a balancing act. Does legalizing marijuana help or harm Americans? Weighing the statistical evidence. Military firmly against marijuana, despite legalization trend. Bags of cash, armed guards and wary banks: The edgy life of a cannabis company CFO. Black Americans haven’t benefited from marijuana legalization. In the age of legal marijuana, some employers drop zero-tolerance drug tests.

Alex Berenson and the last anti-cannabis crusade. Pot legalization advocates exploiting public confusion about CBD and THC, Berenson says.

Legalization pushed up price of Canada pot by 17%. Israel election may determine the future of cannabis.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Denver mayor says legal immigrants are being denied citizenship due to work in marijuana industry. In dangerous practice, Colorado legal marijuana is still a cash business. Turning point for legal marijuana in Colorado: Big changes in the works as state plays catchup. “Employment and Marijuana Use Among Washington State Adolescents Before and After Legalization of Retail Marijuana.” Marijuana home deliveries challenged by California cities in new lawsuit.

Michigan governor celebrates marijuana legalization in video for hash bash event. Panel suggests Michigan not set legal limit for driving with marijuana in system. Why more than 400 Michigan communities are saying no to recreational pot businesses.

“Cash is still king” in Massachusetts marijuana industry. Public safety still a concern two years after legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts.New Hampshire House votes to legalize recreational marijuana. Clarendon, Vermont further prepares to outlaw marijuana sales ahead of possible state legalization.

Legalized marijuana in New York will have to wait. Cuomo vows to pass New York legal marijuana law by June. What’s next for legalization in New York? New York marijuana legalization is a critical part of criminal justice reform. New York marijuana: What to know about cannabis lobbying and political influence. The clubby, corporate marijuana market New York wants to avoid is right next door.

Is legalization still alive in New Jersey? Inside the strange, messy fight to legalize weed in New Jersey. New Jersey marijuana legalization: Make expungement fit the crime. New Jersey colleges put cannabis studies on the curriculum. Time to consider legal marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Expect delays legalizing Illinois marijuana for recreational use. Activists on both sides are pushing hard as marijuana legalization bill looms in Illinois. Polling suggests Wisconsin favors legalizing cannabis, but hurdles remain. Legalization backers to make another try in 2020 in North Dakota.

Lawmakers optimistic about new federal marijuana bill. C’mon Congress, it’s time to lighten up on pot.

2020 candidate Andrew Yang promises to legalize marijuana and pardon all non-violent drug offenders on 4/20 if he’s elected. Elizabeth Warren says bill would protect legal pot states from federal interference. Beto O’Rourke’s 2011 book on legalizing marijuana has sold about 4,000 copies. Legalizing pot is the new Democratic litmus test.

The public-health case for legalizing marijuana. Can marijuana help end the opioids crisis? More colleges adding marijuana to their study programs. Why Barneys’ high-end head shop may be the future of cannabis-related retail. Marijuana legalization sparked a return to false link between smokers and violence. Your cannabis can’t be certified organic—but now it can be kosher.

Legalization in Canada sparks rally in marijuana stocks. Mexico considering legalizing marijuana use. Marijuana legalization becomes unexpected issue in Israeli polls.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Los Angeles mayor announces possible crackdown on illegal weed shops.

Why the plan to legalize marijuana in New Jersey suddenly unraveled. New Jersey Gov. Murphy to expand medical marijuana if recreational bill not passed soon. The odor from New Jersey: That smell is a marijuana legalization process from which New York could learn a thing or two. Where New York and New Jersey stand on legalization.

New York lawmakers proclaim marijuana dead in the budget. Advocates, Cuomo disagree on status of New York marijuana legalization talks. Marijuana supporters to New York: If not now, when?

Guam lawmakers pass marijuana legalization bill.

Legalization bill clears another major hurdle in New Hampshire. New Hampshire House panel passes legalization bill, reworks tax structure. What’s next in the effort to legalize recreational marijuana in Connecticut?

Majority in Pennsylvania say marijuana should be legal. What does legalization mean for Pennsylvania? Illinois Democrats divided over legal marijuana effort. Pro-legalization group says recent studies underestimate marijuana demand in Illinois. Minnesota lawmaker wants to legalize marijuana; poll shows support. Michigan legal market will be uncompetitive with illegal dealers.

Can cannabis giants be contained? Just how high can Canada cannabis giants get in the global market?

Momentum for fixing marijuana’s banking problem is higher than ever. Social and Political Factors Associated With State-Level Legalization of Cannabis in the US. Politics of marijuana legalization: Not just red state vs. blue state.

Mexico government launches poll to ask citizens if marijuana should be legal.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Trump budget proposes loosening DC marijuana legalization restrictions.

Why the marijuana legalization vote got delayed in New Jersey. New Jersey marijuana legalization: The only sensible solution. Here are the high-powered influencers pushing for legal weed. Whoopi Goldberg urges New Jersey lawmakers to legalize weed. New Jersey pot bill gets Newark, Jersey City mayors’ last-minute nod. Legalizing weed will put New Jersey on the right side of civil rights history, Gov. Murphy says in plea for votes. New Jersey Gov. Murphy wants to legalize pot, but he hasn’t convinced the baby boomers. Legalizing marijuana won’t end the black market, says ex-leader of New Jersey State Police. New Jersey marijuana legalization: More stoned driving leads to higher taxes, prominent police chief warns. New group forms to fight New Jersey marijuana farming near schools. Stakes are high for governor as New Jersey nears vote on legalizing marijuana. New Jersey legal weed may be in trouble as lawmakers struggle to secure votes.New Jersey governor on marijuana legalization: “We’re not there yet.” New Jersey marijuana legalization: What you need to know from the legal weed hearings. With Committee votes, New Jersey legal marijuana one step closer to finally becoming law.

Legalized marijuana could be game changer for New York schools. Lawmakers weigh in on potentially legalizing recreational marijuana in New York. Is legal marijuana faltering in New York? Legalizing marijuana hits hurdles in Albany. New York marijuana legalization debate rages as opt-out movement grows. Nassau County lawmaker files marijuana opt-out measure. Social justice advocates say New York weed legalization bill falls short. New York bill to legalize marijuana dropped from proposed budget.

Lawmakers consider bills that would establish a framework for a legal marijuana industry in Connecticut. What’s in the bills that would legalize marijuana in Connecticut? Your questions are answered here. Five reasons to support marijuana legalization in Connecticut and five reasons to oppose it.

Rhode Island enlists former Colorado marijuana czar to help implement legal cannabis. Rhode Island law enforcement leaders disagree on marijuana legalization. Rhode Island lawmakers greet proposal for legal marijuana cautiously. You can’t own more than 3 pot shops in Massachusetts, but these companies are testing the limit—and bragging about it.

Pennsylvania senators release details on marijuana legalization bill. Another marijuana legalization bill to be introduced in Pennsylvania Senate.

For weed arrests in Baltimore, it’s catch-and-release season.

Illinois treasurer pushes for legal marijuana business to go from cash to banks. Medical marijuana growers can meet demand for recreational pot after Illinois legalization, study commissioned by growers says. Drugged driving deaths up in Iowa after nearby states legalize marijuana.

Recreational marijuana in Colorado: What the numbers say about health, safety and tax dollars. Gov. Hickenlooper takes more moderate stance on marijuana as fellow 2020 hopefuls seek legalization.

Head of Michigan marijuana agency says legalization could draw out-of-state users.

Beto O’Rourke was an early supporter of marijuana legalization.

The midwest is powering the marijuana legalization revolution. Support rises in all age groups for legal marijuana. Time to bank the unbanked legal marijuana industry. Can legal weed ever beat the black market? Legalized marijuana gives hiring managers a headache. Social responsibility in the marijuana industry. The morals and mechanics of marijuana legalization.

Canada legalization of marijuana offers a blueprint for the US.Canada National Cannabis Survey, fourth quarter 2018.

Cannabis News Round-Up

California marijuana industry needs an intervention to avoid an “extinction event.” Employment and marijuana use among Washington adolescents before and after legalization of retail marijuana. Cannabis industry questions new Colorado system that would add chemicals to marijuana for tracking purposes.

Brookline, Massachusetts medicinal pot shop approved for recreational sales. Mission to buy weed with Connecticut lawmaker is gold for Massachusetts. Leaders offer blueprint for legal pot sales in Connecticut. Connecticut lawmakers hosted press conference on marijuana legalization. Cannabis 101 at UConn.

New York legalization fight intensifies. More New York say they will opt out of recreational marijuana. Albany County leaders undecided about participating in potential marijuana sales. Newsday readers weigh in on legalized marijuana in New York. Keep social justice in mind when pushing for New York marijuana legalization.

New Jersey governor, legislature, announce legal marijuana agreement. Don’t rush New Jersey legalization without getting answers first.

Expunge Illinois small-time pot convictions if it’s legalized. Illinois largely white marijuana industry is booming, and minority-run businesses want in. Illinois treasurer pushing to modernize “outdated” marijuana banking laws.

From casinos to cannabis: the Native Americans embracing the pot revolution. New Mexico recreational marijuana will be back in 2020 session.

Is the expungement provision of the Marijuana Justice Act constitutional?Trump claims executive privilege over agency memos on marijuana legalization. Bipartisan bill seeks to protect federal employees who use state-legal marijuana. The case for allowing interstate trade among marijuana-legal states. John Boehner was once “unalterably opposed” to marijuana. He now wants it to be legal. Legalizing marijuana, with a focus on social justice, unites 2020 Democrats.

The marijuana industry looks like the fastest-growing job market in the country. Banks don’t want to work with marijuana companies. It’s time for that to change. 7 ways marketers can break into the cannabis industry. The economic implications behind the cannabis legalization debate. Marijuana legalization must make War on Drugs’ victims whole before companies profit. As marijuana gets legalized, companies drop THC testing of employees. The cannabis industry is creating a green gold rush but obstacles to legalization still exist.

Canada marijuana companies are quietly pushing the Toronto Stock Exchange to allow them to invest in the lucrative US market and it could be transformative for the $75 billion industry.Mexico lawmakers reach across party lines to launch marijuana reform process.

Cannabis News Round-Up

New Mexico House votes to legalize marijuana. New Mexico bill would create first state-run pot shops in US. New poll shows over half of Arizona supports legalizing marijuana. New marijuana banking bill in Congress has 108 cosponsors.

New Jersey lawmakers reach historic legal marijuana deal. New Jersey lower forecast shows marijuana no financial panacea. New Jersey marijuana legalization: Does legal weed bill include home grow, deliveries?

Illinois legal pot seems like a done deal. Some want a fair shot at the profits. Coalition works for racial equity as Illinois eyes legal marijuana. Illinois legal weed is closer than you think. Fight against legal marijuana in Illinois gets underway in Springfield.

Alaska poised to let people use marijuana at certain stores.

Minnesota senate committee torpedoes legal marijuana bill. Texas police chiefs: Marijuana legalization would only make things worse. Tulsi Gabbard pitches pot legalization bill as criminal justice reform. Majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana and expunging records, poll finds.

California cannabis marketplace is a mess. Here’s how to fix it. California agencies face cannabis licensing backlog that could hamper legal supply. Los Angeles illegal pot shops on verge of power shutoff in city crackdown.

Black lawmakers to block legalized marijuana in New York if their communities don’t benefit. Legalizing marijuana likely faces setback in New York.Home grown marijuana in New York: Will it be legal? Recreational marijuana: What schools fear most about the legalization in New York. New York bishops blaze against legalization in joint marijuana statement. Tallying the costs: New York marijuana legalization continues to divide. Nassau and Suffolk counties want to opt out of New York legal weed.

Support for Pennsylvania legal marijuana defies party politics—among residents, not lawmakers. Key Maryland committee holds hearing on two marijuana legalization bills. Here’s what legal recreational weed in Florida will look like.

Are weed churches legitimate houses of worship, or just another way around marijuana law?

British Columbia pot revenues not so high 6 months after legalization.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy pleads guilty in brazen pot heist. This black church hosted a cannabis summit to address business opportunities in legal marijuana industry.

New Hampshire House approves marijuana legalization bill. Vermont Senate votes to legalize marijuana sales, setting up House fight.

What we know about New York plan to legalize marijuana. Equity, home-grown–lots of pot issues as New York legalization nears. New York Republicans aim to stop Cuomo from rushing pot legalization. New York State Police Coalition against marijuana legalization. Cuomo‘s bill to legalize mar­i­juana de­nounced by po­lice.What to know about black market forces threatening New York recreational pot. Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney on New York legalization. New York pot politics.Brooklyn politicians call for fairness and equity in marijuana legalization. Legalizing recreational marijuana in New York could be delayed.

New Jersey governor will legalize marijuana only if records are expunged. Voters would decide if New Jersey legalizes weed under brand new proposal. I spent a night in the New Jersey marijuana black market: business is booming.

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor marijuana listening tour goes on, but hurdles remain for legalization. How Pennsylvania economy can benefit from the legalization of recreational marijuana. Home growing is crucial to legal pot in Pennsylvania.

Florida lawmakers consider legalizing marijuana for 21 and up. Here’s how likely recreational marijuana legalization is for Florida.

If Illinois legalizes marijuana, we might have a shortage. Why marijuana sales on the black market are blooming in Michigan after legalization. Most in Minnesota support legal marijuana, but logistical questions remain for lawmakers, law enforcement. Minnesota state senator on legalizing recreational marijuana. Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin files bill to protect Indian tribes that legalize marijuana.

Could marijuana reform finally make strides in Texas? Hawaii is very liberal, but in no rush to legalize marijuana. Colorado‘s John Hickenlooper: Federal government shouldn’t decide whether to legalize marijuana.

Junk food purchases increase after recreational marijuana legalization. How the unsteady rise of the pot industry has made dime bags a billion-dollar business. Sweet smell of success? Big business bets on a marijuana boom. Whole Foods CEO: If marijuana becomes legal, our stores might sell it. Colleges add cannabis to the curriculum.

Kamala Harris explains her evolution on marijuana legalization. Kamala Harris‘ father denounces her exploitation of Jamaican marijuana “stereotype.” Cory Booker makes federal marijuana legalization a central campaign push. Bernie Sanders: Too many lives are being destroyed by pot policy. Beto O’Rourke calls for federal marijuana legalization ahead of likely 2020 bid.