Cannabis News Round-Up

Marijuana is now legal in California but it can still keep you from getting a job. Marijuana legalization may be put on hold in San Mateo County.  California attorneys and marijuana. California medical pot shops could sell recreational marijuana under this proposal. California Proposition 64: Legalizing pot a game-changer for many. California Courts: the nitty gritty details of Prop 64 (The Adult Use of Marijuana Act). How will California small marijuana businesses fare in the wake of Proposition 64? California Treasurer asks Trump for guidance on pot, banking. Eight unknowns about California‘s new marijuana laws. How will marijuana legalization affect California black-market exports? Will California marijuana be a bigger, better industry for Native Americans than casinos? California recreational pot is now legal, but Fresno, Tulare counties look to tighten rules. Can Oakland, a new capital of legal weed, undo the injustices of the war on drugs? Will Los Angeles legal pot shops be stymied by local politics?

Marijuana to be legal Thursday in Massachusetts. Pot becoming legal in Massachusetts, but not sell–yet. Rhode Island, Massachusetts marijuana markets intertwined. Marijuana legalization in Massachusetts and Maine raises concerns in New Hampshire.Maine marijuana legalization opponents criticized for coming up short on volunteers at start of recount. Massachusetts marijuana experts, activists give advice on legally growing, obtaining weed before retail stores open. Massachusetts Senate leader confirms parts of pot law may be delayed. Boston City Councilors look for ways to keep minorities from being shut out of legal marijuana business.

Maine employers facing new questions regarding legal marijuana. Maine legal marijuana recount could drag on for months. Maine police hold seminar to better understand legal marijuana.

What to know about legalization after Arizona Prop 205 defeat. Colorado lawmakers plan crackdown on home pot growers. Kentucky marijuana legalization not in pre-filed bills for 2017. Nevada regulators examining impact of legal marijuana on casinos.

Trump EPA pick: States have a right to spew pollution but not to legalize pot. Activists roll joint, offer free pot to Sessions staffers. Seven reasons why a war on pot would be a bad idea for Trump. Trump‘s prospective pick for head of FDA a hopeful sign for legal pot. At Philadelphia pot conference, industry leaders ponder business under Trump, Sessions. DEA laments that “media attention” is making it tough to put people in jail for pot. 

Legalizing marijuana might have negligible impact on border security. Industrial real estate market gets boost with marijuana legalization. The true story of two drifters who became cannabis pioneers. How the creative world is helping legal weed rebrand itself. Legal pot farmers hope to grow a green energy revolution.

Multinational firm with roots in Canada makes moves into Colorado cannabis. As another weed company enters the Canadian stock market, the word ‘bubble’ is popping up. Canada‘s parents prepare for realities of legalized marijuana. Trudeau urges Canadian police to ‘enforce the law’ on marijuana.

Legal cannabis in New Zealand? Green Party offers green light to pot smokers. Marijuana a step closer to being legalized in South Africa.

New York tweaks medical marijuana law, but no signs of legalization yet. New York police to keep close eye on pot-legal Massachusetts. Ex-Navy Seal who transported $1.4 million worth of marijuana makes impassioned plea for pot. Wall Street wants weed to become the next big investment opportunity.

Oregon moves to ease testing rules for legal marijuana. How soon could Denver businesses open the first social marijuana use areas? It’s still not clear.  Is legal weed flattening beer sales?  Where things stand on weed in the workplace.

Cannabis News Round-Up

There could be more delays to Massachusetts marijuana law. New Massachusetts pot law needs minor fixes, not big delays. Massachusetts is banking on the pot industry. Massachusetts Treasurer Deb Goldberg on marijuana legalization. New Hamphire cops worry about impact of Massachusetts pot law.

Recount for Maine‘s Question 2 withdrawn. Investors bet Maine legal marijuana will boost warehouse rents.

California legalized marijuana setting scores of defendants free. California treasurer to study legal marijuana and banking. The Tax Man Cometh: California ponders legal pot, paying up.

What does a Trump Administration mean for legal marijuana? Trump adds another marijuana opponent to his Cabinet. Obama says marijuana should be treated like “cigarettes or alcohol.” Former Washington Attorney General says “it’s possible” feds will raid pot shops when Trump takes power. County attorney in Arizona calls on Trump to end medical marijuana “charade.” Activists fear a battle ahead with Sessions.

Canadian public will have to wait for much-anticipated task force report on legalizing pot. Marijuana advocates skeptical about Canada‘s path to legal pot. Trudeau’s lead on legalizing marijuana lobbied during cash-for-access fundraiser. Canadian recreational pot sales could reach $6 billion by 2021. Eight burning questions about the coming Canadian pot report. Planning to grow legal pot in Canada? Check real estate rules first. Canadian flower growers turn to weed ahead of pot legalization. Canada may face marijuana shortage when it’s legalized. Alberta to be home to ‘world’s largest’ legal marijuana grow operation. Canada‘s reefer madness reaches new heights as rivals merge.

With Oregon legal pot, warehouses cash in on rent. Oregon strict pot rules hurting fledgling industry.

Could Colorado legal pot help solve homeless epidemic? Murkowski to feds: Let Alaskan marijuana users buy guns. Alaska collecting first tax deposits from pot businesses. Inside story on how Texas advocates are mobilizing for marijuana reform. South Dakota marijuana advocates hope to blaze effective path to legalization. Countdown to Nevada legal pot: Not everything will be legal.

Vice: The challenges facing legal weed in America. RAND: The legal marijuana middle ground. Is transporting marijuana legally between states still a pipe dream? Cannabis real estate company hits Wall Street with a whimper in downsized IPO.

Cannabis News Round-Up

California marijuana legalization comes with legal reprieves. Medical marijuana is legal in California. Except when it’s not. California town looking to cash in on growth in legal marijuana.

Prohibition of pot use in Nevada casinos likely to continue. Massachusetts pot shops may be delayed to mid-2018. Two men from legal marijuana states sentenced for pot in Idaho. Legal marijuana already on the table again in Arizona. Why Arizona lawmakers should legalize marijuana. As neighbors legalize marijuana, New Hampshire advocates see opening for decriminalization. RAND Corporation Report: Insights for other jurisdictions from analysis of Vermont legalization possibilities.

Sessions appointment sparks fears among legal pot advocates. States fear what Trump means for legal marijuana laws. Sessions could scrap policy memorandum allowing protecting state-legalized marijuana. Editorial: Marijuana legalization should be up to the states.

Forbes: Legalized marijuana could drive a new tech boom. Legal marijuana poses new problems for employee drug testing. Some companies trying to make pot growing a green industry using LED lights. Why projecting marijuana use after legalization is so difficult. Alcohol industry ponders effect of cannabis legalization.

Marijuana is becoming a billion-dollar business in Canada; now all it has to do is become legal. Canada can learn how to legalize pot from America’s example. What’s in your pot in Canada?

United Kingdom could be forced to consider marijuana legalization. United Kingdom should legalize marijuana and make $1.3 billion a year in tax revenue, report finds.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Oregon charts an uneven course toward legal marijuana sales. Oregon cities setting rules after opting in to legal pot. Bonfires of moldy pot in Oregon.

Does Colorado regret legalizing marijuana? New poll says voters see pot as boon to state. Colorado pot paradox: Recreational marijuana is legal, but it’s tough to find a place to consume it. Colorado regulators ban marijuana use in businesses that serve alcohol.

Everything you want to know about California legal weed but forgot to ask. With California legalization, marijuana industry approaches ‘the end of the beginning.’ California black market weed growers suffer as medical growers go corporate with legalization. Taxes get higher on newly legalized pot as California cities and counties move to take their own cut. Sacramento region scrambles to regulate pot growers after passage of Prop. 64. San Diego illegal pot delivery services stealing business from legal dispensaries. South Bay prepares for legal pot sales after Prop. 64 passes.

Tax revenue from New Jersey legal pot would be ‘blood money,’ Christie says.  Will New Hampshire follow in marijuana legalization? Massachusetts marijuana gold rush? Walmart of weed? Not so fast. How Texas advocates are mobilizing for weed reform. After Nevada vote, uneven approach emerges in pot law enforcement.

Will the Trump administration go to war against legal weed? Trump‘s pick for attorney general may be bad news for legal marijuana. With Jeff Sessionsappointment to attorney general, does marijuana legalization go up in smoke? Trump‘s pick for attorney general: “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Three reasons Trump is unlikely to go after legal marijuana.

A test for marijuana impairment? A UMass professor has an app for that.

As more states legalize marijuana, investors and marketers line up. How the cannabis industry could act as a catalyst for the evolution of our stagnant banking system.  The little-known costs of the unbanked: Another aspect of the pot industry’s uphill financial battle.

Cannabis News Round-Up

November 19, 2016

Legal pot won big at the ballot box last week. Now the real challenges start. Five immediate concerns for states with new marijuana laws. A public health framework for legalized retail marijuana based on the US experience: Avoiding a new tobacco industry.

Now what? A California dispensary owner, a scientist, a defense expert and a city manager reflect on the new pot law. Gateway to drugs? A California border city’s future in a legal pot world. The marijuana-initiative blunder that could cost California millions of dollars.

New Jersey lawmakers eye Colorado ballot question that scares pot industry. Colorado voters approve marijuana use in bars–but there’s a catch. Colorado offers tips to Massachusetts on coping with legal marijuana. Lawmaker discusses impact legalizing marijuana in Nevada will have on Utah. Legal marijuana sits close by most of Idaho‘s borders.

Lawmakers shouldn’t ‘dilly dally’considering revisions to new Massachusetts marijuana law. Massachusetts legal home-grown marijuana on track for December despite concerns.

Multiple marijuana legalization bills introduced in Texas. The tide turns on legalizing pot in Virginia. Maine opponents of legalized marijuana set to request recount, at cost of $500,000. Group pushes ballot proposal to legalize marijuana in Michigan for the 2018 ballot. 

Will President Trump legalize weed? Marijuana industry wary of Trump-Administration. Marijuana advocates wait for Trump’s stance on legalized cannabis. 

Legal marijuana expansion brings rush of business conferences. Legal pot poses a problem for gun buyers.

Support for marijuana legalization and predictors of intentions to use marijuana more often in response to legalization among US young adults.

Canada needs driver education before legalizing marijuana. 

Berlin to trial legal marijuana plan.

Cannabis News Round-Up

November 14, 2016

Marijuana wins big on election night. How pot won the election.

California legalizes marijuana in vote that could echo nationally. California scrambles to implement new recreational pot law. Colorado voters approve, reject local pot sales ballot measures. Massachusetts official wants to extend the deadline to open pot shops, alter parts of the law. Connecticut Governor Malloy reconsidering opposition to legal marijuana.

Donald Trump and marijuana: Will the two biggest winners of 2016 get along? Marijuana industry keeps a wary eye on how Trump will respond to pot legalization. Pres. Obama‘s artful stance allowed pot legalization to march ahead; Trump calls it ‘state issue.’What the future of marijuana legalization could look like under President Trump.

Market for legal pot could pass $20 billion. Marijuana company prepares to cross state lines, as legally as possible. The opportunities and pitfalls for the legalized marijuana industry. 

Cannabis News Round-Up

November 6, 2016

If Prop 64 passes, what happens to prisoners convicted of marijuana charges? Marijuana ballot initiatives could get people who’ve done time for drugs back on their feet.

California sees dollar signs with marijuana legalization; local municipalities are looking to cash in. Bay Area cities scramble to set rules on California recreational marijuana. Proposition 64: It makes pot legal to have, but not to buy — at first. Prop. 64: Reefer madness cured by legalization, education, treatment? Nancy Pelosi backs Prop 64. Opinion: California is ill-prepared for legal recreational marijuana. Who is funding the effort to legalize marijuana in California?

A “no-b.s.” guide to Prop 64. Humboldt County donates little to Proposition 64 campaigns. Seven reasons in support of Prop 64. Prop 64 is really a real estate story, and that has big implications for California. Younger voters overwhelmingly favor Prop 64, which is likely to pass, poll finds. Risks and benefits to Prop 64.

Clinton and Trump do agree on one thing—the right to use marijuana. Pot is popular among Clinton’s natural constituencies in Nevada, but she’s quiet on whether to legalize it. Sheldon Adelson fights marijuana legalization while funding medical marijuana research.

Colorado‘s marijuana industry is becoming an economic steamroller, creating over 18,000 new jobs. This Colorado county embraced the marijuana industry. Now it might ban pot businesses.

Massachusetts Attorney General rips pot industry, wants question defeated. Massachusetts opponents of marijuana legalization stress health dangers.

Supporters, foes of Arizona legalized marijuana in late push to sway vote.

Pot startups flying high with California poised to legalize marijuana. Private equity fund raises $100 million for cannabis startups. Want your marijuana startup to succeed? Study patent law. Why marijuana will be a ‘shadow’ business for a long time.

Weed or wine? Alcohol sellers question if voters can handle both. Is marijuana mind-set changing in the Bible Belt? Meet marijuana’s top evangelist.

Financial advice: Marijuana shakes taboo but it’s still a bad investment. Legal pot is still a tough deal for investors.

Voters ready to legalize pot for tens of millions across U.S. President Obama: New legal states would force the federal government’s hand on marijuana. The trend toward legalizing recreational marijuana. A watershed moment for marijuana legalization. Opinion: If you think the war on drugs is a miserable failure, you should vote to legalize pot.

British Columbia should have ‘zero’ tolerance for drivers found to be intoxicated by marijuana, solicitor-general says.

Cannabis News Round-Up

November 4, 2016

Pot-legalization movement seeks first foothold in Northeast with upcoming votes in Maine and Massachusetts.  Is Massachusetts‘ Question 4 the wrong way to legalize marijuana? The Catholic Church is leading the fight against legal pot in Massachusetts with an $850,000 contribution. Marijuana entrepreneurs eye Massachusetts market on eve of ballot initiative. 

Residents of Alaska now have a place to buy state-legal marijuana. Voters to decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana in Nevada. California‘s Proposition 64 would legalize recreational use of marijuana though it’s illegal under federal law. How will that work? Colorado officials take issue with an Arizona anti-marijuana group’s portrayal of their state’s experience with legal weed.

Marijuana legalization could get a boost in a Democratic Senate. After the election, marijuana could be legal for recreational or medical use in 29 states. Pharmaceutical companies developing THC-based drugs expect to see their stocks surge after election day. Bloomberg: skittish lenders drive the legal pot economy underground.

60 Minutes report on The Pot Vote. Watch the first 60 Minutes report on pot from 1970. Would you use pot if it were legal? 54% of Americans polled changed their answer depending on the scenario.

Legal marijuana could be a cash cow for Canada – but not right away, says Parliamentary Budget Officer.

Cannabis News Round-Up

October 24, 2016

Yes on Initiative 300: Denver measure is a reasonable test of social pot use. Colorado law enforcement officials warn dangers of legalizing marijuana. Denver’s marijuana policy office should be more transparent with pot-tax revenue. 

Prop 64: What would legalized recreational pot mean for California? How would legalization affect the drug war at San Diego‘s Mexican border? California small pot farmers believe that good old-fashioned branding is the key to post-legalization success. Coalinga voters to decide if city can tax legal marijuana sales.

Casino magnate Adelson gives $2 million to fight Nevada pot measure. Michigan should follow other states, legalize marijuana.

The risks of eating marijuana are most dangerous to inexperienced users. The future of cannabis sales is low-dosage edibles.

Marijuana law conferences sprout up. Why is support for marijuana legalization hitting record heights? Why the pot-punitive IRS Code 280E isn’t going anywhere. Business owners become donors in push to legalize marijuana.

Cannabis News of the Day

A pro-cannabis group in Arizona halts its 2016 legalization effort. The Massachusetts retailers association comes out against pot legalization. Michigan may not legalize cannabis due a signature deadline. A group intensifies its effort to defeat marijuana legalization in Maine.

As cannabis grows in Oregon, so do investors. Cannabis edibles were legalized in Oregon on Thursday. Bernie Sanders is campaigning on a legalization platform in California. A Ventura police chief becomes face of opposition to Californian legalization of recreational cannabis. The Public Policy Institute Of California finds 60% support for legalization.

Employers can still fire you if you smoke in Colorado. The University of Washington will host a conference on June 14. The US Federal Reserve shared that retail storefront demand picks up in legal states. SAM announced a $300k war-chest to stop legalization. The cannabis movement may be overextended with the false promise of tax revenue. A Los Angeles man got high and killed his wife. A lawsuit claims edible marijuana is to blame.

Drug testing companies are working to block legalization in the US. Legalized cannabis may lead to more underage use. British Columbia may harvest revenue from cannabis. Trudeau has caused parliamentary chaos around cannabis legalization. A former cabinet minister of the Canadian government will head a legalization panel. A new law from the U.N. allows for international legalization.