Cannabis News Round-Up

Sessions provides more evidence that he plans a marijuana crackdown. During campaign, Trump repeatedly said legalization of recreational pot should be a state issue. Trump is a buzzkill for pot stocks. The marijuana exception to federalism. Most Republicans oppose federal interference with marijuana legalization. Marijuana policy is best left up to the states. Respect states’ legal-pot laws, Cantwell and Murray tell Sessions.

Colorado GOP Rep. introduces bill to end federal pot prohibition. Colorado Governor chastises Trump administration for anti-legal-weed stance. Is Colorado homeless surge tied to marijuana legalization? A look at Colorado as New Mexico weighs whether to legalize marijuana.

Feds threatening to shut down Nevada marijuana festival.Marijuana lobby grows as legalization spreads throughout country. Pot is producing jobs and revenue in states where it’s legal.

Massachusetts in ‘no man’s land’ on legal marijuana, Gov. Charlie Baker says. Gifting loophole in Massachusetts marijuana law is being exploited. Maine lawmakers to hear from public on marijuana legalization.

California concerned about marijuana legalization’s impact on power grid. The murkiness of marijuana law is becoming a flashpoint in US-California relations.

Oregon Governor defends legalized marijuana as job creator.  Recreational pot bill hits roadblock in New Mexico committee. Maryland Senate holds marijuana legalization hearing. Support for marijuana legalization growing in Texas. Idaho Governor defends request to Trump to rein in legal marijuana sales.

Legal marijuana likely coming to Canada soon, Prime Minister says. Germany, Israel ready to lead global marijuana legalization if Trump destroys pot laws.

Cannabis News Round-Up

White House signals possible crackdown on recreational marijuana. California officials and the marijuana industry prepare to fight a federal crackdown. How a federal crackdown on legalized marijuana could impact DC. Legal marijuana businesses brace for White House crackdown. Lt. Gov. Newsom asks Trump for cooperation with California on marijuana regulation. New poll: Americans want Feds to respect state marijuana laws.

Oregon legal businesses struggle to compete with black market. Colorado considers bill allowing for legal marijuana deliveries. Maine cops want clarification from Trump on marijuana rules. Battle over legalizing marijuana kicks off in New Hampshire state Senate. Attorney General Kilmartin takes his fight against Rhode Island legalizing marijuana to town hall. Safer Arizona PAC fixes marijuana-legalization initiative, adds protections for kids. Potential for a  “bud boom” in New Mexico? Will Alabama be last to legalize? 17 states work to legalize recreational marijuana in 2017.

Science Daily: Legal marijuana sales creating escalating damage to the environment. Observer: Here’s how legal marijuana could kickoff a world-saving energy industry (but hasn’t).

Canadian company trading under the ticker WEED is valued at $1 billion. In Canada, workers at illegal dispensaries ask what legal rights they have. Attitude toward legal pot mellows in parts of Latin America. Dutch Parliament votes to legalize marijuana production.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Business Insider interviews Mark Kleiman: Here’s how Sessions could shut down the legal marijuana industry overnight. Pro-pot lawmakers to join forces, launch cannabis caucus. Congress’ cannabis caucus ready to ‘bump heads’ with Sessions. $46 Billion: Marijuana’s most promising and perilous number. Cannabis stock index grew 236% in 2016.

Inside ‘pot alley’ as California gears up for legal weed. New law puts 3,000 California  cannabis cultivators in jeopardy. California Assemblyman challenges feds on cannabis, sponsors legislation forbidding co-operation with enforcement.

Arizona group readies filing for recreational cannabis legalization initiative. Legal pot will present many challenges for Nevada. New Washington bill would repeal marijuana legalization, bring back prohibition. As Colorado claims marijuana legalization benefits, questions arise over costs. Can decriminalizing marijuana improve public safety in Texas? Guam community weighs in on pot legalization bill.

Committee focused on changing Massachusetts marijuana law has been formed.

Maine lawmakers review marijuana policies adopted by other states. Retail pot sales still 12 months off as marijuana now legal in Maine. It may be legal to grow marijuana in Maine, but it’s not easy to get gardening advice.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Are California cities’ new marijuana laws about safety, or blocking Proposition 64? Los Angeles may finally get cannabis right, and help minorities get a stake in the industry. Local marijuana producers in limbo as San Diego weighs legalization. Lawsuits challenge San Bernardino marijuana law.

Colorado governor offers advice to California on taxing legal marijuana. Legal pot sales top $1 billion in Washington and Colorado. Washington will fight Sessions, Trump over legal pot, Gov. Inslee says.

What happens if you bring pot to Logan? High expectations for Massachusetts marijuana industry. Massachusetts legislature looks to gut pot law. Legal marijuana will help Connecticut economy. As Rhode Island mulls pot legalization, lobbyist battle lines are forming.

Time to legalize pot in Hawaii? Are DC weed delivery services legal? New Jersey lawmakers will vote on legalizing marijuana. Poll shows support for legalizing recreational marijuana in Michigan. Cuomo unconvinced on New York pot legalization. New Mexico bill to legalize marijuana stalls in committee.

Republican Dana Rohrabacher introduces bill to end federal marijuana prohibition in legal states. 

Taxing legal marijuana: A hazy issue for municipal bankruptcy. This technology could be a game-changer for the marijuana industry. Marijuana prices are plunging, and you’re not going to be happy with the reason why. BudCoin: Can cryptocurrency solve marijuana’s banking crisis? Court sides with drug legalization group in speech dispute.

Cannabis News Round-Up

California delves into details of regulating recreational marijuana. Even though marijuana is legal, here are nine ways federal law affects California pot users, businesses. California rolls its own cannabis trademark protection. California marijuana billboard battle aims to protect minors. Will California finally have a statewide standard for the sale of legal marijuana by 2018? Los Angeles County opens the door to marijuana business.

An exclusive first look inside a Washington legal marijuana farm. Washington lawmakers want wall around legal marijuana.

Marijuana is still illegal, as far as Maine colleges and universities are concerned. Rhode Island marijuana legalization bill filed. Three out of five in Rhode Island support legalized recreational marijuana, poll says. Legal marijuana in Connecticut would bring $30 million in first full year under Massachusetts model. Connecticut‘s chances of legalizing marijuana just improved significantly.

New York introduces two bills to legalize recreational cannabis. Should recreational marijuana be legal in New Jersey? Two recreational marijuana proposals in Minnesota. Legalize marijuana in West Virginia? Marijuana legalization begins moving through New Mexico House. Marijuana bill to be introduced in Kansas.

How Congress is getting serious about cannabis amid White House uncertainty. Gorsuch and state-legal marijuana. The risky business of commercial marijuana.

With Canada marijuana legalization, how to test for high drivers. Marijuana legalization could normalize smoking again, Canada experts warn. Calgary prepares for future with legalized marijuana.

Thousands call for full weed legalization at Tel Aviv rally.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Retail pot sales still 12 months off as marijuana now legal in Maine. Workshop looks at workplace concerns around legal pot in Maine. New Hampshire lawmakers weigh latest marijuana bills on decriminalization, legalization.

We now know how much pro- and anti-Prop 64 marijuana campaigns spent in California. California deadline for marijuana regulations may be impossible. Legislators, regulators emphasize need for urgency in rollout of California marijuana laws.

Where does Washington legal weed money go? A breakdown. Colorado report says  adolescent marijuana use “has not changed since legalization.” Drug analyst Kevin Wong tells New Jersey forum that Colorado pot law is a bust. AAA: Legalizing marijuana likely to increase drugged driving.

Should Maryland consider legalization? Could legal ever happen in North Carolina?

North Dakota legislature rejects marijuana legalization study. Alaska marijuana board rejects onsite use at retail shops.

Legal marijuana and the real estate professional. Cannabis asset acquisitions exploding in global legal marijuana markets. How much does legal weed cost? If President Trump wants to help American businesses, he should start by legalizing marijuana.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Pot industry breathes easy, feels Sessions won’t smoke sector. No one knows how Neil Gorsuch would rule on marijuana once on the Supreme Court. Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett named to pot advisory group for Trump administration.

Israel moving toward marijuana legalization. Canada pressing forward with marijuana legalization amid US uncertainty.

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Maine. Massachusetts recreational marijuana law is facing some major changes. Massachusetts marijuana legalization leads to rethinking of alcohol laws. Vermont House members propose bill to legalize marijuana. Legalizing marijuana in New York may ease opiate crisis, advocate says. Maryland lawmakers to again propose legalizing marijuana.

California new pot economy valued at $7 billion. San Diego legalizes recreational pot dispensaries. Lawmakers have doubts that the system to license marijuana sales in California will be in place by deadline. Legal marijuana sales, growth, possession proposed in Wyoming. As states rush to legalize weed, Colorado still at it five years later. Smoke, because you can: Inside a legal marijuana dinner. New Mexico lawmakers continue push to legalize marijuana.

Your business is legal, but you can’t use banks. Welcome to the cannabis all-cash nightmare. Marijuana legalization must include justice reform.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Conservative Christian legislators really want to legalize weed in the US.

As pot prices plunge, growers scramble to cut their costs. The mistake most states made when legalizing marijuana. Cannabis software companies seek to legitimize the marijuana industry and cash in. North American legal and illicit pot sales top $50 billion. How the payments industry came to accept legal marijuana. The 6 most bogus claims in the marijuana industry. Trump’s marijuana options.

Bid to take down Colorado marijuana laws revived in court. Two retirees create marijuana packaging business in Colorado. Colorado marijuana legalization experiment is making pot a lot cheaper. Colorado mayor advises Massachusetts to ‘start out strict,’ use green energy. Will Massachusetts lawmakers gut key parts of marijuana law? Massachusetts pressured to wipe away traces of old pot arrests. Maine lawmakers weigh calls to delay retail sales of marijuana.

Two of Washington‘s largest recreational marijuana chains on the selling block. Northwest marijuana producers apprehensive about Sessions. Alameda County, California lays groundwork for marijuana farms. Nevada governor wants 10 percent tax on retail pot sales.

Cities in Canada weigh bans, new regulations in march toward cannabis legalization. Richmond, British Colombia vows to shut doors on legal marijuana dispensaries.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Marijuana backers vow to fight new bid to delay retail pot sales in Maine. Connecticut to consider legalizing recreational marijuana. Rhode Island lawmakers push to legalize marijuana, following Massachusetts. Lawmakers revisiting the Massachusetts marijuana law: Are they making big changes or small tweaks? Legal pot, opioid crisis come to an awkward crossroads in New England.

California cannabis farmers seek legal way to grow. Innovators of new pot products in California are struggling to protect their ideas. California legalization of recreational marijuana brings no immediate change on dispensaries.

Majority of police think marijuana laws should be relaxed. Marijuana reforms flood state legislatures. Legal marijuana states see flood of new weed products as cannabis goes mainstream. Cowen & Co. races to be $6 billion pot industry’s financial guru. New workplace challenge: marijuana laws. Colorado marijuana sales top $106M in November.

New Jersey marijuana legislation inches ahead despite Gov. Christie warning. D.C. considers defying federal law on full marijuana legalization.

No, marijuana legalization isn’t crushing craft beer. When will marijuana stores open in Nevada? Despite being legal, it’s going to be a while.

North Korea cheered as pot paradise, but evidence is hazy. Canada marijuana industry needs innovation to thrive, not protection.

Cannabis News Round-Up

Pot’s legal in California. So why are people still getting busted in Yosemite? California cannabis growers call for changes to Proposition 64 harvest tax.

This DEA tweet accidentally reveals one of the big arguments for legalizing marijuana. DEA’s marijuana-eradication program still targets Washington, where (some) pot is legal. Will legal weed come to Yakima County, Washington? The issue could end up in court.

What’s the future of marijuana in Colorado? Colorado grants $2.3 million for marijuana health and safety research. Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries no longer selling recreational pot.

Home growers in Massachusetts experimenting under new marijuana law. Connecticut legislature considers legalizing recreational marijuana. Maine financial institutions steering clear of marijuana businesses.

Arizona man arrested for possession surprised to find state didn’t legalize marijuana. Marijuana legalization question could land on future Missouri ballot with the correct number of signatures. DC Council member proposes law to fully legalize marijuana. 2-1 vote kickstarts Nevada department to oversee recreational marijuana sales.

Guam marijuana legalization takes a new turn.

The real estate industry smells big money in marijuana. Senators urge Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to update guidelines on legalized marijuana.

Marijuana legalization in Europe: Is France next?