Psilocybin at the End of Life: A Doorway to Peace

There exists an experience you can (probably) have, in a single day, that may lastingly improve your outlook on life, even if you’re in fear because the end of your life is near.  Researchers are once again using psilocybin to occasion such experiences in patients facing life-threatening illness. Steve Ross, a psychiatrist at NYU, has … Continue reading “Psilocybin at the End of Life: A Doorway to Peace”

Psilocybin and personality change

My colleagues at Johns Hopkins have a new paper out, reporting that psilocybin, the “magic mushroom” chemical, can bring about significant and lasting changes in the key personality domain called “Openness.”

Mushroom Myth-conceptions

Last month’s report on a Johns Hopkins study of psilocybin and spirituality, of which I’m a co-author, has drawn numerous comments on blogs and on-line news articles.  A fraction of those comments have raised questions or criticisms which I’d like to try to address.  (On the RBC, see Mark’s posts and Andy’s critique.) For those … Continue reading “Mushroom Myth-conceptions”