Vladimir Mikhainovich Romneyov

There’s lots of nonsense being talked about how the Republicans don’t have a natural candidate for 2016.

In fact, there’s someone with (1) huge name recognition; (2) a strong anti-gay record; (3) unlimited willingness to violate human rights in “anti-terrorist” campaigns; (4) a love of weapons and cheap machismo; and (5) no liberal tendencies whatsoever. Mitt Romney praises him.  As an extra bonus, you can see Russia from his house.

Ted Cruz, eat your heart out!




  1. max says

    Ted Cruz, eat your heart out!

    Whatever Putin's rightishness moves, the fact is that he is a total failure as bagger. He doesn't want to war with the entire world, actively avoiding it on occasion. Basically, he's Russia's answer to Charlie Wilson & Dick Nixon.

    The Republican base demands the fulfillment of apocalyptic prophecies and they won't be happy til they get it, meaning that they have a lot more in common two or three names I'm supposed to avoid saying. So I'll just namecheck the White Baron and leave it at that.

    ['Deranged extremism in defense of white supremacy is definitely a vice.']

  2. Ebenezer Scrooge says

    They are completely different! Putin controls the oligarchs. Romney is a supple tool of the plutocrats.
    Advantage Putin.

    • Mitch Guthman says

      Yes and no. It's true that he used his power over the state to destroy and even murder a number of oligarchs and their top level employees. My impression, however, is that this was done to simply establish his dominance and not out of a moral opposition to the mafia state. If I'm understanding the news reports correctly, the main reason why the infrastructure of the Sochi Olympics is so outrageously expensive even as nothing has been built correctly (and sometimes not even built at all) can be fairly described as the result of corruption on an epic scale.

      Vladimir Putin is the man Chris Christie aspires to be.

  3. Joe says

    "Romnii" is actually a perfectly good Russian-sounding word. It might could have something to do with daiquiris.

  4. Ron E. says

    Unfortunately for the GOP, Putin's long firm birth certificate makes him ineligible to be President according to our Constitution.

    • Mitch Guthman says

      Not necessarily. Just think for a moment about the infamous phrase, probably spoken by Karl Rove, from which this blog derives its name. For Republicans, the "will to power" is its own justification and there are no limits on what can be done to get what one wants. A Supreme Court that could make George W. Bush president could make Putin president just as easily.

    • Ebenezer Scrooge says

      Mitch is right. IOKIYAR. Also, Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution guarantees each state a Republican Form of Government. Can't have that without a Republican in the White House. As everybody knows, whenever dealing with conflicting clauses in the Constitution, the Second Amendment wins. Just ask any wingnut Justice.

  5. buggywhip says

    As the second richest man in the world he could finance the entire campaign himself, freeing the GOP money for congress.

    • Mitch Guthman says

      Yes, that's absolutely true. As an aside, if Vlad is only the second richest man in the world it's just another example of how fearless leader is truly a man of the people. He is a modest, self effacing man who is content to stay out of the limelight as he does the peoples's business. After all, Russia still has plenty of Polonium 210 handy so if Putin wanted to be the richest man alive, he would be.