Papers-we’d-like-to-read Dep’t

Wayne Hall threatens to write a paper entitled “Problematizing the Foucauldian Hegemony.”


  1. Keith Humphreys says

    Needs a subtitle: A Post-Constructivist Analysis of Instantiated Ontogeny, starring Henry Fonda as The President.

      • Andrew Sabl says

        Doris Day in the recording I’ve got. Lehrer played with his lyrics sometimes. In “Pollution” I’ve got “The breakfast garbage that you throw into the Bay / They drink for lunch in San José” because it was recorded in San Francisco–but I’m told that the New York version has “Troy” and “Perth Amboy.”

  2. rajH says

    Why would one need to problematize Foucauldian Hegemony? It’s already a problem. St Ronnie once said as much: “Government is not the solution, it’s the problem. That, and Foucauldian Hegemony.”

    P.S. In case you’re wondering why nobody knows about the second part of that quote, it’s a massive cover-up by the Obama administration (second only to Benghazi, of course). I’m surprised the Repubs didn’t bring that up while filibustering the Secretary of Hegemony, I mean, Defense.

  3. James Wimberley says

    Buzzphrase generators have been around for a while now. The typical application is managementspeak, but you could as easily make one for any other intellectual subculture you dislike: critical studies, feminism, etc.